‘30th Anniversary’ Kim Hee-sun, a new start… Art Content Director Challenge [Official]



‘30th Anniversary’ Kim Hee-sun, a new start… Art Content Director Challenge [Official]

Actress Kim Hee-sun takes on the challenge of becoming an art content director.

Kim Hee-sun will be participating in the exhibition ‘6 Masters of Contemporary Art – ATO;’ which will be held at ALT.1, 6th floor, The Hyundai Seoul from the 22nd to October 15th. He will be joining the ‘Beautiful Gift Exhibition’ as an art content director.

Kim Hee-sun visited each of the studios exhibiting this time and interviewed the artists. He traveled not only domestically but also overseas, concentrating his efforts on recruiting participating artists.

Kim Hee-sun said, “I thought it would be worth a challenge as Kim Hee-sun as something other than actress Kim Hee-sun,” and “I started with the idea that as a content director, I could play a meaningful role other than simply being Kim Hee-sun for publicity.” . She explained that she prepared this project over three years as she attempted to plan something meaningful for her fans who have loved her for 30 years.

Kim Hee-sun said she felt happy and amazing during the preparation process and said, “It was a truly unique experience. “I hope that many people who visit the exhibition hall can feel the same emotions I felt through this exhibition,” she said. He added, “I have been able to come this far after receiving great love for 30 years. “I think it has become a driving force for me to continue to do my best as actress Kim Hee-sun,” he said. “This exhibition has many meanings, but it is especially like a gift of gratitude from me to those who gave me that love.” “I hope many people will participate in this exhibition and be very happy,” he said.

In this exhibition, about 130 works will be exhibited in a separate space for each participating artist in a large open studio-type space of 300 pyeong. Artists Seo-bo Park, Woo-hwan Lee, Seok-won Park, Kang-yong Kim, Hyeong-gu Kang, and Lee Nam-m, who represent Korea’s leading contemporary artists, participated. The power of scent to move the heart, the energy and wavelength of color, and the healing gift of nature were created to fit the concept of each artist’s work.

This exhibition is the first global art project jointly planned in collaboration with Kim Hee-sun’s agency Hinge Entertainment and arttainment company Ray Village. Starting with the Seoul exhibition in September, it is scheduled to be exhibited in France and other countries in April 2024.

Donga.com Reporter Jeong Hee-yeon shine2562@donga.com

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