Actor Jang Young-ki undergoes hysterectomy two months after divorce… “I will live with my dog” [Look@China]


[TV Report = Reporter Kang Seong-hoon] Taiwanese actress Jiǎngyǒngqí revealed the entire process of ‘hysterectomy surgery’ and revealed that she was suffering from severe bleeding.

According to the foreign news outlet ‘8world’ reported on the 18th (local time), Jang Young-ki divorced her ex-husband in July of this year. A month after his divorce, he suddenly announced that he was having a hysterectomy.

Youngki Jang has suffered from uterine fibroids for several years. Uterine fibroids are tumors that occur in the smooth muscles that make up most of the uterus and are a benign disease.

Jang Young-ki had previously undergone two surgeries to treat uterine fibroids, but did not obtain satisfactory results. Every time he had his period, he would fall to the floor due to the pain, his face would turn pale, and he would have to see a doctor frequently. He said his serious health condition affects his work and that he lives in fear and anxiety every day.

Jang Young-gi received painkiller injections every time a seizure occurred. However, if you continue to receive injections, the chance of getting a serious illness increases, and there are also side effects such as edema and loss of calcium. After much deliberation, he decided to undergo a hysterectomy in August of this year, when he was relatively not busy with broadcasting.

After the surgery, the doctor advised Jang Young-ki to get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous exercise. However, as he spent a long time recuperating at home, he went live and reported that he suffered a sudden hemorrhage. It is said that when he urgently visited the hospital, the doctor shook his head and advised him to rest and not broadcast live.

Meanwhile, Jang Young-gi revealed that although she had her uterus removed, she still has ovaries. But he said he had already given up on having children with her and chose to spend the rest of his life with his dog.

Jang Young-ki also shared his thoughts on adoption, saying, “Having a child comes with responsibility. I have decided not to have any more children, and I am still healthy, so I will be able to adopt.”

Reporter Kang Seong-hoon / Photo = Jang Young-ki social media

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