‘Bald theory and death theory’ Hyung-jin Gong: “The reason for the long hiatus… was due to business failure + damage from fraud” (Jinshin Up Show) [Comprehensive]


[Sports Chosun.com Reporter Park A-ram] Actor Gong Hyeong-jin revealed the reason why he took such a long hiatus that there were even rumors of his death.

On the 16th, Gong Hyeong-jin appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Shin Hyun-jun, Jung Jun-ho Mental Up Show’ and gave an update on his current situation.

In the video, Shin Hyun-jun was happy to see Gong Hyeong-jin, saying, “Because Gong Hyeong-jin didn’t appear on TV, there were all kinds of rumors, such as ‘his head was bald’ or ‘he was dead.’ But now I see that he has hair and is alive.”

Gong Hyeong-jin said, “It’s not that I left the entertainment industry, but I’m still working hard to get into a related industry. I started doing business because I had a connection to China in the past.”He added, “As you both know, I’m a person who only worked in acting. In the past, Even when I was at the peak of my career, whenever I received a business proposal, I politely declined it because I didn’t know much about business. I still had the idea of ​​making a good movie. But a request came in for a Chinese movie. It was planning and general production. Korean technology was there. “Because it’s good. So I took full responsibility and started working on it, but it was halted and collapsed due to administrative and investment issues,” he said, causing regret.

Afterwards, he tried to run a health supplement business, but it failed. He said, “I’m in a situation where I’m overcoming it all now.”

Regarding the reason for his hiatus, Gong Hyeong-jin said, “I continue to be interested in watching movies and TV. When I see my juniors and seniors working, I shed tears without realizing it. I thought, ‘Why am I doing this here?’ I consciously, knowingly or unknowingly, drifted away from my younger siblings and seniors, whom I liked very much. It wasn’t because of some incident, but because I kept going back and forth to China and getting scammed, it became like that. I gradually found myself achieving something. “Before I bet, I was worried about appearing in front of anyone,” he said. tokkig@sportschosun.com

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