Close inspection also ‘negative pepper’… G-Dragon “I want to go back to my original self” [Comprehensive]

▲ Source|Yonhap News TV, Kim Min-jun’s Instagram
▲ Source|Yonhap News TV, Kim Min-jun’s Instagram

[SPOTV News = Reporter Kim Hyun-rok] Singer G-Dragon, who was accused of drug use, is using the third drug ‘voice’ judgment was received. While those close to him gave different reactions, an unpublished interview with G-Dragon, who expressed his wish to return to his original form as soon as possible, was revealed.

According to the police, on the 21st, a thorough examination of G-Dragon’s fingernails revealed a negative result for drugs. There was a reaction. On the 6th, in a voluntary police appearance, a simple reagent test was ‘negative’ After receiving the diagnosis, the hair and nails were thoroughly examined, and drug ‘negative’ The decision has been made.

His older sister Kwon Dami, who has been supporting her younger brother G-Dragon, who has consistently denied drug charges, shared an article containing the content and wrote, “Oh my gosh, I want to say something, but shut up.”Next, Dami Kwon sympathized with the article saying that the police would not be able to avoid criticism for “poor investigation”and said, “Yes, that’s right.”

Kim Min-jun, Kwon Dami’s husband and G-Dragon’s brother-in-law, reacted cheerfully. He posted a photo of a red pepper with the phrase “I see.” As netizens began to speculate about the photo without any explanation, Kim Min-jun caught everyone’s attention by uploading the photo once again with the modified phrase “Voice pepper.”

▲ Source|Yonhap News TV
▲ Source|Yonhap News TV

After testing negative for drugs for the third time, Yonhap News TV released an additional exclusive interview with G-Dragon.

In the interview, G-Dragon said, “I feel bad that I basically had to punish people in this way,”and, “As for my actions after that, if I go back to my original self and become a singer, I’ll be happy.”I hope the day when I can visit you comes as soon as possible. “I hope you spend the remaining time together with such good expectations,” he said in a message to fans. He then added, “Let’s love.”

G-Dragon was booked on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act on the 25th of last month. Immediately after being booked, he denied the charge of drug use and voluntarily appeared at the police station for investigation. There are also criticisms that the investigation may have been unreasonable while no significant physical evidence was found.

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