Dae-ho Lee “For a child who dreams of becoming a baseball player, Jeong-hoo Lee is his role model… “If you show weakness, I won’t ask you to do it.” [Golden Counseling Center]


[My Daily = Reporter Yang Yu-jin] ‘Oh Eun-young’s Gold Counseling Center’ Lee Dae-ho said, “My son’s role model is Lee Jeong-hoo.”

Channel A 'Oh Eun-young's Gold Counseling Center' / Channel A broadcast screen
Channel A ‘Oh Eun-young’s Gold Counseling Center’ / Channel A broadcast screen

In the comprehensive programming channel Channel A, which aired on the 21st, ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’, ‘Joseon’s No. 4 hitter’ Dae-ho Lee visited Dr. Eun-young Oh and expressed his concerns.

MC Jeong Hyeong-don said that there was a rumor going around broadcasting circles that “Lee Dae-ho is in the terminal stage of vain talk.” Lee Dae-ho said, “I want to live quietly when I retire,”but he dreamed of becoming a “professional broadcaster,”and cried at his retirement ceremony, saying, “I have no tears.”

Dae-ho Lee said, “I played baseball for 33 years, starting when I was 10 years old. He kept crying as he thought it was the last time. After his retirement, I stayed home for about 3 days and cried when I made eye contact with his wife and cried again when the video was played in the morning. He laughed and said, “I was nicknamed ‘the nation’s scoundrel.’”

Dae-ho Lee said he was worried about his eight-year-old son, who dreams of becoming a baseball player. He hopes to become like Lee Jong-beom’s son, baseball player Lee Jeong-hoo. However, Lee Dae-ho said, “I am stingy with compliments. He rarely praises his son even when he does well. He said, “Even if you hit a hit, they don’t say, ‘Good job,’ but they say, ‘You should have hit a double.’”

“If you enter the athlete’s class in third grade and show weakness, they probably won’t let you play baseball. “What kind of baseball do you play?” he said, “he’s such a bad dad.” It was Lee Dae-ho who added, “I couldn’t even think of it.”

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