Danny Ahn and Minchae Kim found out about ‘Chabak’ from overseas…”I hope you’ll be interested in small movies too”


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Na-young] The thriller film ‘Chabak – A Night of Murder and Romance (Director Hyeong In-hyeok, produced by Tiger Studio and Open Cinema)’ is meeting audiences in theaters, showing the ‘power of small movies’.

‘Chabak’, which has already been recognized for its artistic value by winning awards at overseas film festivals and confirming its overseas release even before its release, is receiving favorable reviews for delicately expressing the point where everyday moments turn into horror in an instant.

This work is a thriller about a man who had a peaceful life, a loving wife, and everything was perfect, but on a car trip to celebrate his wedding anniversary, he suddenly becomes embroiled in a nightmarish incident with an unfamiliar lover.

Danny Ahn, a former rapper from the group god who rose to prominence as an actor, played Soo-won, who gets caught up in a shocking incident after receiving a mysterious email containing his wife’s secret, and Kim Min-chae played the role of Miyu, a wife who falls into a mysterious incident while spending a happy honeymoon.

‘Chabak’ is a small-scale film with a relatively low production budget, so it is doing well, receiving favorable reviews from audiences even though it does not have many screens. Although the number of theaters released and the number of screenings is small, it is at the top in terms of weekday seat occupancy. Audiences seem to be falling in love with the unique charm of ‘Chabak’, which combines romance and thriller elements, saying, ‘The direction and visuals are of the thriller genre, but the story and narrative of the movie is a romance movie.’


Previously, this work was released at the 76th Cannes International Film Festival Film Market in May and received favorable reviews overseas, including winning the Best Acting Award at the 8th Portland Horror Film Festival. It has confirmed its release in 11 countries, including Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Poland, the Philippines, and Vietnam, in the second half of this year, and has completed preparations to meet overseas audiences.

The production team is also gorgeous. Director Hyung In-hyuk graduated from the New York Film Academy at the top of his class and was recognized early on for his excellent directing skills. In addition, Tiger Studio (CEO Kim Young-seop), who planned and co-produced the blockbuster hit ‘Bride in Black’, which rose from 4th to 1st in the Korean Netflix content rankings, and the production team that created K-thrillers such as ‘House of Paper’ and ‘Murder’ We were in good spirits.

Tiger Studio CEO Kim Young-seop, who created the heyday of SBS dramas as the head of the SBS drama division, said, “It is unfortunate that the number of screenings is so low, such as only one episode on weekdays, due to the small distribution scale.” He added, “This is an opportunity for good works to meet and be evaluated fairly by the audience.” “I hope it becomes wider,” he said, urging interest in the work.


[Photo] Tiger Studio

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