Director Lee Myung-woo’s ‘Boys’ Generation’ to be released in the second half of this year…Im Si-wan and Lee Sun-bin casting [Official]

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/Photo provided by The Studio M
/Photo provided by The Studio M

Director Lee Myung-woo, who wrote a new history in the comedy-action genre through the drama ‘The Fiery Priest’, is making a comeback with his new film ‘Boys’ Generation’.

Production company The Studio M announced on the 19th that it is accelerating the production of the Coupang Play series ‘Boys’ Generation’ with director Lee Myung-woo.

Director Lee Myung-woo, who directed ‘Boys’ Generation’, is called a ‘hitmaker’ who has been recognized for his outstanding directing skills in ‘One Day’, ‘The Passionate Priest’, ‘Punch’, and ‘Convenience Store Morning Star’. In addition, actor Im Si-wan, who is raising expectations by being cast in ‘Squid Game 2’, and Lee Sun-bin, who has shown an acting spectrum that crosses comical and human roles, are scheduled to appear.

‘Boys’ Generation’, which is confirmed to be released in the second half of this year, is set in South Chungcheong Province in 1989 and tells the story of Byeong-tae, a loner whose life goal is not to get hit on, who one day transforms into Buyeo Iljjang.

The Studio M received favorable reviews for its work and popularity through its founding work, the Coupang Play series ‘One Day’ (directed by Myung-woo Lee, starring Kim Soo-hyun and Cha Seung-won). As ‘One Day’ received positive reviews for its solid story and directing, ‘Boys’ Generation’ is also drawing high expectations.

In addition to ‘Boys’ Generation’, The Studio M announced that it is preparing large-scale global projects with major domestic and foreign production companies. The Studio M said, “‘One in N is a Secret’ (originally written by Geum Seong-jun), which is being directed by director Myung-woo Lee and co-produced with Keyeast, has received a lot of interest from several major American studios and is discussing local production.”

Additionally, director Lee Myung-woo, as a creator, is known to be planning and developing a dramatization of the webtoon ‘Doctor John’ with KT Studio Genie. He is also planning ‘Competitive Healing Bureau’ (working title) with writer Seo Joo-yeon, who wrote ‘Save Me 2’ and ‘Death to Snow White’.

Reporter Seongyeol Yoon

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