[Exclusive] Billy runs as a ‘5-member team’… Comeback in October, excluding Moon Su-ah and Su-hyun


(Xports News Reporter Cho Hye-jin) Group Billie continues its activities with 5 members.

According to Xports News coverage on the 19th, Billy (Siyoon, Sean, Tsuki, Moon Su-ah, Haram, Suhyeon, Haruna) will release a new album in October and begin comeback activities.

As a result, Billy is releasing a new album about 7 months after his 4th mini album ‘the Billage of perception: chapter three’, which was released in March.

Billy, whose members Moon Su-ah and Su-hyun previously suspended activities due to health reasons, will be working as a five-member lineup for this comeback: Siyoon, Sean, Tsuki, Haram, and Haruna. As the five members continue their activities, interest is also gathering in the new appearance of Billy they will show.

In addition, Billy not only recorded initial sales of more than 8 times more than his debut album with the title song ‘EUNOIA’ of his previous 4th mini album, but also won first place on a music show for the first time, becoming a ‘4th generation trend’.

Then, in May, they released their first single in Japan and sold out their local debut showcase. In addition, she had a successful Japanese debut with her debut album, achieving the feat of ranking second in overall sales nationwide at Tower Records, Japan’s largest record store.

As Billy is growing rapidly with remarkable results in Korea and Japan, expectations are rising for the music and achievements he will show through this album.

Meanwhile, prior to his comeback, Billy will be on stage at the global large-scale concert ‘2023 KPOP LUX

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Reporter Jo Hye-jin jinhyejo@xportsnews.com

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