“Female history + drunk driving + drugs”… Nam Tae-hyun’s dangerous self-confession [ST Issue]

Nam Tae-hyun / Photo = YouTube channel I am Nam Tae-hyun
Nam Tae-hyun / Photo = YouTube channel I am Nam Tae-hyun

[Sports Today Reporter Seo Ji-hyun] Singer Nam Tae-hyun, former member of the group Winner, expressed his reflection on a series of controversies, including issues with the opposite sex, drug scandal, and drunk driving. Will he ever be forgiven by the public?

Nam Tae-hyun recently posted a video titled ”I am Nam Tae-hyun’ second story’ on his YouTube channel.

On this day, Nam Tae-hyun confessed through a video, “I am Nam Tae-hyun. I am a singer. But before that, I gave up my personality, and I am a piece of trash who has a terrible history with women, who hates music, drinks, and even uses drugs.”

He continued, “I feel unfavorable when I look at myself. It’s really painful for me to live like that. I don’t make any excuses. I’m sorry. No one grabbed me by the collar and threatened me to live like a dog. It’s all my choice, and I’m responsible for my choices.””I’m still alive to lose,” he said.

Nam Tae-hyun / Photo = DB
Nam Tae-hyun / Photo = DB

Previously, Nam Tae-hyun debuted as a member of the group Winner in 2014, but left the group in 2016. Afterwards, Nam Tae-hyun turned into a solo singer, but received more attention for her personal life gossip than for her music activities.

In particular, Nam Tae-hyun had to make a public apology after his two-legged situation was exposed by a lover he was dating in 2019. Then, in August of last year, Seo Min-jae, a contestant on Channel A’s ‘Heart Signal 3’, posted a post on her SNS exposing Nam Tae-hyun’s use of methamphetamine, and both were caught in the dark. Even in March of this year, Nam Tae-hyun was caught on suspicion of drunk driving and became a ‘controversy maker.’

Nam Tae-hyun chose to face the controversy head on. Nam Tae-hyun shared his current status of being treated for drug addiction through KBS1’s ’60 Minutes Tracking’, which aired last July, and YouTube channel Kizzle. Currently, Nam Tae-hyun is living at ‘Dark’, a drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation center located in Incheon.

In addition, Nam Tae-hyun opened a personal YouTube channel to express his intention to quit medicine and resume activities. Nam Tae-hyun said, “Once I live, I will work hard and reflect as much as I can. I will do everything I can to help the growing sprouts not live like me, and everyone living in this frustrating world will not make the same choices I did, and if that doesn’t work, I will die at that time.””Wouldn’t it be too late?” he said.

However, as Nam Tae-hyun has been embroiled in numerous controversies, it does not seem easy to change the minds of the frozen public. This is because it not only caused controversy over his personal life, but also caused a drunk driving and drug scandal. As a result, Nam Tae-hyun has been in the spotlight due to controversies that are more famous than the reputation of his main job.

Currently, Nam Tae-hyun has deleted the apology he posted after the Philopon scandal and is communicating with the public through his personal SNS. Attention is being paid to whether his sincere appeal will work.

[Sports Today Reporter Seo Ji-hyun ent@stoo.com]

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