‘Golden Counseling Center’ Shim Hyun-seop, “After caring for my mother for 12 years, I lost my father in the Aung San terrorist attack” [TV Spoiler]

Geumjjok Counseling Center Shim Hyeon-seop / Photo = Provided by Channel A
Geumjjok Counseling Center Shim Hyeon-seop / Photo = Provided by Channel A

[Sports Today Reporter Im Si-ryeong] Comedian Shim Hyeon-seop visits ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center.’

Shim Hyun-seop’s concerns are revealed on Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’, which airs on the 19th.

On this day, Shim Hyeon-seop confesses his bitter worries, saying, “I am already a 53-year-old bachelor, and I am afraid that I will be alone even at my 60th birthday.”

Shim Hyun-seop says that his ideal type is a remarried woman or a woman with children, and that the impression of the other person is important. He confesses that he has tried blind dates more than 100 times and that he has worked tirelessly to get married.

Then, out of desperation, he even tried signing up for a marriage information company, but he expressed his disappointment, saying that being a celebrity is a lower level of job than he thought. Accordingly, MC Park Na-rae reveals the score sheet obtained from her marriage information company and reveals that her score standards for men and women are different, causing surprise.

Na-rae Park holds an impromptu blind date to analyze the blind date failure of ‘Twilight Solo’ Shim Hyeon-seop. Shim Hyun-seop is a bit nervous for a moment when the blind date appears, but soon he takes control of the atmosphere and leads the conversation. However, when Shim Hyun-seop tries to make an unreasonable personal move to lighten the mood, Dr. Oh Eun-young, who was watching the blind date with eagle eyes, catches the introverted side of Shim Hyun-seop’s nervous and rambling appearance. Because he doesn’t feel comfortable with the tension and tries to hide it, he keeps making jokes over and over again.

In addition, Dr. Oh Eun-yeong analyzed the results of the preliminary test that although Shim Hyun-seop is a person with high vitality, he can become irritated if the other person cannot keep up with his vitality. Shim Hyun-seop, who sympathized with this, said that he had once asked someone sharply, “Are you thinking of something else?”when he saw someone who didn’t react much to his joke. He also revealed that when he was a radio DJ, he once got angry because a listener didn’t focus on the phone call..

Shim Hyun-seop also confesses that in the past, he was unable to make his mother laugh. He tells the story of how he had to care for her mother for 12 years, and honestly reveals how difficult it was that he ran away from the hospital five times.

Dr. Oh Eun-young points out that Shim Hyeon-seop lived as his mother’s guardian, raising the possibility that he may have had difficulty comfortably accepting the warm love his parents gave him.

Upon hearing this, Shim Hyun-seop shocks the audience by revealing his shocking past, in which he lost his father in the Aung San terrorist attack at a young age, when he was in the first year of middle school.

‘Oh Eun-young’s Gold Counseling Center’ airs every Tuesday at 8:10 pm.

[Sports Today Reporter Im Si-ryeong ent@stoo.com]

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