‘High Kick’ Gaeseong’s Lee Soo-na, brain dead for 7 years, ‘shocking update’… “I missed the golden time”

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Actress Lee Soo-na / Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Vitamin’ broadcast screen capture
Actress Lee Soo-na / Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Vitamin’ broadcast screen capture

It is shocking to learn that actress Lee Suna has been brain dead for 7 years.

In the tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast on the 18th, actress Kim Soo-mi mentioned Lee Soo-na’s current status.

Kim Soo-mi said to Kim Hye-ja, “Do you know the news about your sister’s mom?”and “Lee Soo-na collapsed and has been lying brain dead for seven years.”

Kim Soo-mi and Lee Soo-na met while appearing together in the MBC drama ‘Country Diary’. Kim Soo-mi also belatedly heard the news about her Lee Soo-na and seemed to be in shock.

Lee Gye-in said that he had met Lee Suna two days before she was hospitalized, and said, “Before she went to the hospital, she said, ‘Let’s have a beer,’ so we had a beer. Then we broke up and she said she went to the hospital two days later. I thought she just passed out because she was tired, but that wasn’t the case.”I felt sorry.

/Photo=tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast capture
/Photo=tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast capture
/Photo=tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast capture
/Photo=tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast capture

Kim Soo-mi said, “I collapsed at home and it took a long time (to be found),” and Lee Gye-in said, “I missed the golden time.”

In response to the two people’s words, Kim Hye-ja lamented, “(Lee Suna) was a courageous person. She doesn’t know how people work.”

It is known that Lee Suna collapsed due to high blood pressure and cerebral hemorrhage in 2016 and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Afterwards, it was only known that he was suffering from illness in a state of unconsciousness, and no one knew his exact current situation.

In 2016, Lee Suna’s daughter revealed to Star News, “My mother has not regained consciousness since being admitted to the intensive care unit on the afternoon of the 4th.”Suna Lee suddenly collapsed at her home at the time and was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Yeouido, Seoul. She was subsequently treated in the intensive care unit.

Lee Suna’s daughter said, “My mother did not have any chronic diseases, and had some high blood pressure and diabetes, but I don’t know if this is related to this incident.”She added, “The hospital also said that the cause is unknown. For now, we are just watching the progress.”She also said: “She is still receiving treatment in hospital as her mother continues to be unconscious,” adding: “For now she is just waiting and hoping she will wake up quickly.”

/Photo=TV Chosun’s ‘Life Documentary My Way’ broadcast screen
/Photo=TV Chosun’s ‘Life Documentary My Way’ broadcast screen

Fellow actor Shin Choong-sik, who worked with Lee Suna as a couple for 20 years in ‘Country Diary’, chose actress Lee Suna as the person he wanted to see the most in TV Chosun’s ‘Life Documentary My Way’ in 2019. Shin Chung-sik expressed his longing, saying, “We have been together as a couple for the longest time. For nearly 20 years, our nicknames were honey and you.”

Shin Chung-sik looked at the photo from the time he appeared on the show that the production crew gave him and recalled his past, saying, “It brings back memories. I don’t have any photos. I lost them all when I moved.”He also said, “Suna Lee is a great person. At that time, she graduated from Korea University Law School. She is a very beautiful woman. She was amazing. She was the object of envy.”

Shin Chung-sik also said, “We have been in constant contact even after the drama ended. In 2016, Lee Suna collapsed from high blood pressure and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. I hope she recovers as soon as possible.”

Last February, Shin Choong-sik said, “I tried a lot to contact Suna Lee. But I haven’t been able to contact her for 10 years. I went to the hospital, and it was the hospital where Suna’s cousin or cousin works. When I asked how to contact her, (relative) Lee) also said that he can’t contact (Lee Suna) at all. (Lee Suna) has completely cut off everything,”he also reported.

Meanwhile, Suna Lee was born in 1947, graduated from the Department of Law at Korea University, and debuted as a broadcaster as the second MBC voice actor in 1965. Afterwards, he made his acting debut as an MBC special talent in 1980, and became known by playing the role of President Bonyeo in the MBC drama ‘Country Diary’, the role of Pink Lady in the sitcom ‘Hello Francesca’, and the role of Kaesong Daek in ‘Unstoppable High Kick’.

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