“I just eat next to my mom” Seo Jang-hoon scolds his Mexican high school student mother (High School Mom Dad 4)


[News Reporter Kim Myeong-mi]

Seo Jang-hoon and Park Mi-sun engage in an intense ‘out-of-court war of words’.

In the 9th episode of MBN’s ‘High School Daddy 4 (hereinafter referred to as ‘High School Daddy 4′)’ that adults don’t know about, which airs at 10:20 pm on September 20, he came to Korea from Mexico with the dream of becoming a diplomat, but soon became a mother at the age of 17. Miriam, a ‘Mexican high school mother’ who is about to give birth, appears.

On this day, Miriam revealed her turbulent story, saying, “When I first traveled to Korea at the age of 15, while I was suffering from constant stalking by a man I was introduced to, I fell in love with a man I met for the first time while chatting on an app for a long time and found out I was pregnant.” It causes headaches for studio cast members from the start.

Miriam and her boyfriend, who are currently eight months pregnant, are busy preparing for childbirth. However, Miriam, a Mexican-born minor, and her half-Japanese boyfriend are foreigners, so it is difficult to receive various government support for pregnant women. Miriam, who is suffering from ‘stalking trauma’, suffers from ‘separation anxiety’ even when her boyfriend leaves the house even for a short period of time. They say they are having a hard time and are experiencing inevitable ‘life hardships.’ In response to the two people’s desperate situation, Seo Jang-hoon says bitterly, “You’re just eating a warm meal next to your mom, what are you doing in Korea?”

On the other hand, Park Mi-sun defends Miriam and her boyfriend by saying, “What can I do (blaming) for something that has already happened? I have to find a way.” and “No matter what I say, it won’t change anything.” In response, Seo Jang-hoon becomes frustrated again, saying, “I am saying this because I am upset (from the parents’ perspective) that Miriam is suffering on the other side of the world.” The studio cast members also sigh in sadness, saying, “I feel like I’m lost and wandering.”

The production team said, “Park Mi-sun and Seo Jang-hoon both united in their desire to help Miriam, and discussed more intensely to find a realistic solution. “Please watch with warm eyes to see if their ‘sincerity’ will reach and Miriam and her boyfriend will be able to find a solution to escape from the damage of stalking and the hardships of life.” (Photo = MBN)

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