Jennifer Garner takes off her shoes when she sees a barefoot homeless man… “Angel without wings” [Hollywood News]


[TV Report = Reporter Lee Ye-eun] Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner transformed into a wingless angel.

The Daily Mail, a foreign entertainment media outlet, reported on the 18th (local time) that Jennifer Garner (51) did a meaningful good deed for a homeless person.

Jennifer Garner was captured talking to a man in a wheelchair at a beach parking lot in Santa Monica, LA, USA on the 17th (local time).

Jennifer Garner, who was talking to a man in the car, handed him a ‘care package’ containing various daily necessities.

Jennifer Garner then noticed that the man was barefoot and got out of the car. He even took off his socks and his own shoes and put them on for him.

However, when her sneakers were too small to fit on the man’s feet, Jennifer Garner asked a photographer who was taking pictures of the paparazzi to provide her with shoes. Accordingly, the photographer also refused to receive compensation and participated in the good deed.

Jennifer Garner continues to exert a positive influence on a daily basis. He has been working with Save the Children, a global non-profit organization dedicated to children’s health, education and protection, for over 10 years.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner is also well known as the ex-wife of actor Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Garner, who married Ben Affleck in 2005 and has three children, divorced in 2018.

The two have maintained a close relationship by co-parenting even after their divorce, and last month, they were spotted enjoying a vacation in Florence, Italy with their children.

Reporter Lee Ye-eun / Photo = Jennifer Garner social media

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