Kim Dae-ho, ‘Noontaengi’, Ko Gyu-pil, International Lost Child? A fantastic real trip (‘Great Guide’)


[OSEN=Reporter Yeon Hwi-seon] ‘Great Guide’ A real overseas trip filled with excitement and mental breakdowns begins.

MBC Every1’s new entertainment program ‘The Great Guide’ has confirmed its first broadcast on Monday, October 16th at 7:40 PM.

‘The Great Guide’ is a realistic travel variety program where a Korean foreigner who has lived in Korea for N years turns into a guide and guides travelers visiting their home country to spots that only locals know about. The popular cast plans to gather together and embark on a journey where they can truly experience the true beauty of the destination.

Among these, two teaser videos filled with the unique characteristics and pleasant laughter of ‘The Great Guide’ were released today (19th), attracting attention. Their first travel story, which is full of sweet and bitter tastes, conveys the joy of travel and is already heightening excitement.

The ‘Great Guide’ teaser video shows members experiencing twists and turns while traveling, including Dae-ho Kim who gets ripped off at a store, Gyu-pil Go who faces the risk of becoming an international lost child, Doo-joon Yoon who struggles with the local dialect, and Hyun-ah Jo who is stranded in the middle of the road. The situation of those who seem to be in a group meltdown further stimulates curiosity.

At this time, Alberto Mondi, the ‘great guide’ who will save the members in trouble, appears and catches the eye. Alberto’s brilliant efforts to show the true charm of Italy, from hardcore local food to endless stairs, are impressive. The extreme synergy of the members who are sticking their tongues out for Alberto’s passion tour and declaring that they are giving up on the trip also makes us look forward to their journey even more.

We are looking forward to the first story of ‘Great Stories’, which will capture the hidden attractions of Italy that have never been seen anywhere before and the cast’s unadorned and realistic travel stories that bloom there. /

[Photo] Provided by MBC Every1.

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