Kim Jin-woo uses love to demand all of his assets… An ‘ambitious person’, even his wife is no exception [Elegant Empire]

KBS 2TV ‘Elegant Empire’ broadcast capture
KBS 2TV ‘Elegant Empire’ broadcast capture

[My Daily = Reporter Park Seo-yeon] Actor Kim Jin-woo left a strong impression on the small screen with his viciousness.

In the KBS 2TV daily drama ‘Elegant Empire’ that aired on the 18th, Ki-yoon (Kim Jin-woo) was depicted trying to take advantage of his wife Jacqueline (Son Seong-yoon).

Ki-yoon, who had previously seen Jacqueline with Seung-pil (Lee Sang-bo), did not believe Jacqueline’s claim of innocence, saying that she had fallen in love with Ki-yoon. However, Ki-yoon, who was trying to take away Jacqueline’s fortune, decided to take advantage of his seeming desperation and ordered him to put all the money he had into the company account to prove his sincerity.

Ki-yoon told Hee-chan (played by Bang Hyeong-ju) about this situation and said, “A crisis is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to take away everything Jacqueline has,”and viewers clicked their tongues at Ki-yoon’s vicious and blatant ambition.

KBS 2TV ‘Elegant Empire’ broadcast capture
KBS 2TV ‘Elegant Empire’ broadcast capture

Ki-yoon, who was having dinner with Hee-jae (Han Ji-wan) at his house, showed a hostile attitude when Jacqueline, who witnessed this, became angry and said, “If you were always good, this wouldn’t have happened.”Ki-yoon compared Hee-jae and Jacqueline one by one and even said, “You call a woman like Hee-jae a wise mother and good wife,”and the sight of Ki-yoon calling another woman a wise mother and good wife in front of his wife shocked even the viewers.

Meanwhile, while putting his daughter Su-ah (Chae-na Yoon) to bed, Ki-yoon expressed his subtle interest in Hee-jae, who woke up after falling asleep with him, saying, “Why don’t you go to sleep. You and Su-a.”

Jin-Woo Kim increased the appeal of the drama with his goosebump-inducing synchronization with ‘ambitious man Jang Ki-yoon’, a terrible villain whose wife is no exception.

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