Lee Gwang-ki, mourning the late Noh Young-guk, “Brother, how could this be possible? I said it was good to be together in ‘Filial Piety’…”


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Na-young] Actor Lee Gwang-gi mourned the late actor Noh Young-guk.

On the 18th, Lee Gwang-gi posted on his SNS, “Brother Noh Young-guk… I can’t believe it!! May the deceased rest in peace.”He added, “I enjoyed filming Taejong Lee Bang-eon, and it’s nice to see you say it’s good to be together in the drama this weekend.”By posting the article, he revealed how shocking the news of his sudden death was.

He then added, “I hope that the Lord of Heaven will live forever with you, Chairman. I miss your smile even more today,”and touched the hearts of those who paid tribute to him.

The photo released together shows the deceased Noh Young-guk.

On the 18th, the news of Noh Young-kuk’s sudden death was announced through an exclusive report by OSEN ([Exclusive] Actor Noh Young-kuk passed away today (18th)… Shock from ‘Filial Piety’, September 18, 2023). Noh Young-guk passed away just two episodes after the broadcast of KBS2’s weekend drama ‘Hyosim, Each Life’, shocking and saddening not only the production team but also viewers.

According to ‘Hyosim, Each Life’, Noh Young-guk suddenly passed away due to a heart attack in the early morning of the same day. The production team said, “In accordance with the wishes of the bereaved family, who are deeply saddened by the sudden news, the funeral will be held quietly with family friends and colleagues seniors and juniors in attendance. “Once again, we express our deepest condolences on the passing of the deceased, and we pray that he rest in peace.”


Meanwhile, the death of Noh Young-guk is expected to bring about changes in the future development of ‘Hyosim, Each Life’. It is known that the 10th episode is currently being filmed, and follow-up measures, such as re-filming, are being discussed in relation to Noh Young-guk’s filming. According to a drama representative, Noh Young-guk has filmed all of his parts up to episode 5. However, it has been reported that outdoor filming for future episodes remains. Currently, the script has been completed up to episode 14. As the episode includes the first episode of Kang Jin-beom, played by Noh Young-guk, attention is being paid to whether the setting or actions will change due to the actor’s death.

Born in 1948, Noh Young-guk took his first steps into acting as a theater actor in 1967, and made his official debut as a talent recruit for MBC’s 7th open recruitment in 1975, and has been active as an actor. Dramas ‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’, ‘Eyes of Dawn’, ‘Morning of the Empire’, ‘Ecstatic Neighbor’, ‘I Only Want to Love’, ‘Musin’, ‘I Love You Ten Million Times’, ‘The Scarlet Letter’, ‘King Sejong’, Movies ‘ Bada showed off her diverse side by appearing on Bravo My Life. He worked as an MC for a documentary program, and also turned into a singer and released an album.


[Photo] Lee Kwang-ki’s Instagram

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