Lim Han-byeol selected as host of Mnet M2 web entertainment ‘Starry Room’…Even’s first guest


[OSEN = Reporter Choi Na-young] Lim Han-byeol, a representative vocalist in the music industry, was selected as the host of ‘Starry Room’, a new web entertainment music talk show presented by Mnet Digital Studio M2.

Mnet Digital Studio M2 said, “The new web entertainment music talk show ‘Starry Room’ will be unveiled at 9 PM on Monday, September 25th. “Vocalist Lim Han-byeol will play an active role as the host,” he said.

‘Starry Room’ is a music talk show hosted by Lim Han-byeol. Based on Lim Han-byeol’s brilliant wit and career as an idol, it is expected to be a talk show that will capture laughter, emotion, and even vocals.

The production team’s tip is that in addition to talks with Lim Han-byeol and artists, there are also various corners for K-POP fans. There is even a corner where you can listen to the new version of the title song live, from the ‘Byulisamshop (*23#) Phone Service’ where the artist sings the song directly through a phone connection if you send your story and song request, so it is for K-POP fans. It is expected to establish itself as an essential music talk show where artists are expected to appear.

The first guest is expected to be the new male idol group EVNNE, which has been at the center of attention even before its debut, and is receiving a warm response from fans around the world. Even is a group from Mnet’s ‘Boys Planet’, and Lim Han-byeol, who appeared as the master on ‘Boys Planet’, and the members met again with a special bond. Guests include Park Han-bin, Yoo Seung-eon, and Lee Jung-hyun.

Even members are expected to show a side of themselves as vocalists that has never been seen before in ‘Starry Room’. In addition, the production team’s message that you will be able to see various aspects of the artist’s honest story about music is adding to the anticipation. In addition, it is rumored that the phone greetings that Even members had with their fans had special touching points.

Producer Nam Dong-yoon, who directed ‘Starry Room’, said, “It will be a content that explodes the hidden sense of entertainment along with Lim Han-byeol’s musicality,”and added, “I hope that artists who want to comfortably share music stories, regardless of genre, will join us.”.

Among these, the attention of global K-POP fans is focused on the teaser video for ‘Starry Room’, which was released yesterday. The first episode of ‘Starry Room’ will be released for the first time on the M2 YouTube channel at 9 PM on the 25th (Monday).


[Photo] Mnet M2

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