Min Hae-kyung and Narsha Kim Soo-chan’s reason for appearing in ‘Oppa’s Generation’ “I still have a lot to learn”


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Min Hae-kyung, Narsha, and Kim Soo-chan directly revealed the reason for appearing in ‘Oppa Generation’.

MBN’s ‘Oppa Generation’ (planned/directed by Moon Kyung-tae), which will be broadcast for the first time on October 6th at 9:10 PM, is a time slip audition program to find an older brother that will convey the emotion and excitement of the 80s and 90s. While various stars came together as ‘Oppa Brothers’ to create a new national oppa, among them, seniors in the music industry such as Min Hae-kyung, Narsha, and Kim Soo-chan directly answered the reason why they decided to appear on ‘Oppa Generation’.

First, Min Hae-kyung, the original diva who was active at the same time as the 8090 brothers, said, “I have high expectations of how well the juniors will interpret the attractive songs of that era. “I wanted to see and feel that emotion once again,” she said as the reason for her appearance. In addition, she added, “The ‘Oppa Jigi’ lineup was attractive,” and revealed her affection for her colleagues, including Koo Chang-mo, Byun Jin-seop, Kim Won-jun, Kim Gura, Park Kyung-rim, Joo Young-hoon, Bae Hae-sun, and Lee Bon.

Narsha, an all-round entertainer who debuted as a member of Brown Eyed Girls and is active in many fields, including as a solo singer, entertainment, drama, radio DJ, and musical director, said, “I received the offer and thought about what role I could play. “As a colleague and a senior, I wanted to bring out the charms that the participants did not know about themselves,” he said. “I participated with a grateful heart because I thought there would not be many opportunities to be with such seniors.”

Narsha then confessed her fandom, saying, “I was a fan girl who liked senior Kim Won-jun’s music at the time of 8090.” She added, “As a generation who grew up listening to 8090 music, I think the songs from that time are the starting point of current K-pop. “I think the current idol group was born because of 8090 music,” he said, adding that his special affection for 8090 music was another reason he decided to appear on ‘Oppa’s Generation.’

For Kim Soo-chan, who is from an audition program, the meaning of being together as an ‘older brother’ is even more special. He said, “As a singer who still has a lot to learn, it would be unreasonable to judge someone’s singing. However, as a former audition participant, I decided to appear because I wanted to support and encourage the contestant. He defined his role by saying, “I believe that my seniors will provide good evaluation and review.” (Photo = MBN)

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