Nam Tae-hyun confesses his preference for women, “Even when I look at it, I don’t like it… I’m going to quit drugs” [Star Issue]

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/Photo = Video capture from YouTube channel ‘Channel Nam Taehyun’
/Photo = Video capture from YouTube channel ‘Channel Nam Taehyun’

Singer Nam Tae-hyun shared his current status after being accused of drug use.

Nam Tae-hyun recently posted a video titled ‘I am Nam Tae-hyun, the second story’ through his YouTube channel. This is the second video of ‘I am Nam Tae-hyun’ released after the methamphetamine drug use incident.

He continued, “I am Nam Tae-hyun. I am a singer. But before that, I gave up my personality, and I am a piece of trash who has a severe tendency towards women, pushes me to pursue music, and even drinks and uses drugs. Even when I look at myself, I do not like myself. It is very painful for me to live like that.”opened.

Nam Tae-hyun said, “I don’t make any excuses. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to my fans who believed in me, I’m sorry to everyone who had even the slightest connection with me, and I’m sorry to everyone who was harmed by me. I’m also sorry to those of you who are frowning while watching this video right now. “I’m sorry, Mom.”He said, “You guys are right. No one grabbed me by the collar and threatened me to live like a dog. It’s all my choice, and I’m still alive to take responsibility for my choices. Have you thought about that? I’ve thought about it. Should I die? But you’re a coward. “I don’t think so. Will the people who were hurt by me forgive me when I die? Will it never happen? I don’t think so,” he expressed his feelings.

Also, “I made a choice. To become a different person. Once I live, I will work hard and reflect as much as I can, so that the growing sprouts will not live like me, and so that everyone living in this harsh world will not make the same choices as me. “It’s about giving even a little bit of strength. If you try everything and it doesn’t work, it’s not too late to die,” he pledged.

He revealed that he entered a rehabilitation center to quit drugs and said, “In order to quit drugs, you must first become a human being. To put it further, drugs can ruin things, but everything, including my lifestyle and attitude, makes me a person who has no choice but to use drugs.””I live as a person and do medicine,” he said. Nam Tae-hyun showed his firm determination, saying, “I learn a lot here and live with constant reflection. As I reflect on my past days, little by little… slowly, but little by little, I am becoming a person. I am Nam Tae-hyun. I will become a person.”.

Meanwhile, Seo Min-jae, Nam Tae-hyun’s ex-lover and a cast member of Channel A’s ‘Heart Signal 3’, revealed that she used drugs with Nam Tae-hyun in August of last year. Accordingly, the two will appear in court on October 19th on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Reporter Ahn Yun-ji

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