Nam Tae-hyun, who took Philopon, confessed his feelings about being “a piece of trash with a history of women and drugs” [Comprehensive]

Taehyun Nam (News&DB)
Taehyun Nam (News&DB)
Nam Tae-hyun (Capture from channel ‘Nam Tae-hyun’)
Nam Tae-hyun (Capture from channel ‘Nam Tae-hyun’)

[News Reporter Ha Ji-won]

Singer Nam Tae-hyun, from the group Winner, who caused controversy due to the drug scandal, confessed his feelings.

On September 14th, Nam Taehyun shared his current status in a video titled ‘I am Nam Taehyun, the second story.’

Nam Tae-hyun said, “I am a singer. But before that, I gave up my personality, and I am a piece of trash who has a bad relationship with women, beats music, drinks, and even uses drugs.”

Nam Tae-hyun said, “Even when I look at myself, I feel unfavorable. It’s really painful for me to live like that. I don’t make any excuses. I’m sorry.”He added, “I’m so sorry to my fans who believed in me, and I’m sorry to everyone who had even a little bit of connection with me, and I’m sorry.””I apologize to everyone who was harmed by this,” he said.

Nam Tae-hyun, who said he also had bad thoughts, said, “You guys are right. No one grabbed me by the collar and threatened me to live like this. It’s all my choice, and I’m still alive to take responsibility for my choices.”He added, “Isn’t that cowardly? I’m hurting you.””Will the people who received it forgive me if I disappear? Will it be like it never happened? I don’t think so.”

Nam Tae-hyun, who decided to become a different person, said, “Once I live, I will work hard and reflect as much as I can, and I will do my best to make sure that the new sprouts that grow do not live like me. “If you try everything and it still doesn’t work, it’s not too late,” he said.

Nam Tae-hyun is said to be staying at a rehabilitation center to quit drug use. Nam Tae-hyun said, “Here, we talk. To quit taking drugs, you must first become a human being. I learn a lot here and live with constant reflection. As I reflect on my past days, one by one, little by little, slowly but very little by little, I become a human being.””He said.

According to the legal community, the 7th Criminal Division of the Seoul Western District Court will hold the first trial date for Nam Tae-hyun and Seo Min-jae, who are accused of violating the Narcotics Control Act (psychiatry), on October 19th.

The two are suspected of taking Philopon together at Seo Min-jae’s home in Yongsan-gu, Seoul in August last year. Nam Tae-hyun is also suspected of taking Philopon alone while overseas in December last year.

Nam Tae-hyun debuted as a member of the idol group ‘Winner’ in 2014. He continued his solo career after leaving the team in 2016. Seo Min-jae made his name known by appearing on Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Heart Signal Season 3’.

Nam Tae-hyun said through the channel on the 1st, “I didn’t know how scary the world was, and I was full of pride, whether it was youthful spirit or something. I’m trying to start over, one by one, starting with what I can do. To be honest, I don’t have confidence. But I’m not greedy either. I do what I can. He also expressed his desire to resume music activities, saying, “I will walk and run again, and even if I fall, I will stand up again and live like that.”

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