[Official] “The final story of Yi Sun-sin’s trilogy”… Kim Yun-seok’s ‘Noryang’ confirmed for release in December


[Sports Chosun Reporter Cho Ji-young] The war action movie ‘Noryang: Sea of ​​Death’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Noryang’, read by Kim Han-min, produced by Big Stone Pictures) confirmed its release in December and released a launch poster and launch trailer.

‘Roaring Currents’ (14), which recorded the highest box office hit in Korea by mobilizing 17.61 million viewers, and ‘Hansan: Rise of the Dragon’ (22, hereinafter referred to as ‘Hansan’), the highest-grossing film of the summer of 2022 and recording 7.26 million viewers despite the pandemic. Following ‘Noryang’, the last of the Yi Sun-shin trilogy, it was confirmed to be released in December and the launch poster and launch trailer were released.

In the launching poster released today, the overwhelming charisma of Kim Yun-seok, who played Admiral Yi Sun-sin in ‘Noryang’, following Choi Min-sik in ‘Roaring Currents’ and Park Hae-il in ‘Hansan’, attracts attention.

Kim Yun-seok, who was the last to participate in the groundbreaking project of casting three people in a series for the first time in domestic film history, gives a sense of realism that is overwhelming just by looking at him as Admiral Yi Sun-sin preparing for the final battle in the narrow and deep Noryang Strait. Introducing new faces you haven’t seen before.

Here, the phrase ‘Yi Sun-sin’s last battle’ raises expectations for the final battle of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, which will be portrayed by director Kim Han-min, a famous battle film director.


The launching trailer released along with this begins with the image of Admiral Yi Sun-sin beating the drum with all his might, raising expectations and curiosity about the movie. Above all, the transformation of Kim Yun-seok, who played the role of Admiral Yi Sun-sin ahead of the final battle, aroused the curiosity of the audience. In the released trailer, he is different from the Yongjang of ‘Roaring Currents’ and the Jijang of ‘Hansan’. You can meet another field leader, Yi Sun-sin.

The drumbeat that follows along with the line, “We all hope with one mind, so please help us defeat all of our enemies. If I can avenge this enemy, even if I die,” the drumbeat conveys a solemn energy beyond the screen, and this winter. It makes you feel the prelude to a magnificent and victorious battle that you will see on the screen.

The Battle of Noryang (November 19, 1598 in the lunar calendar), which serves as the setting for the film, was the greatest battle of the seven years of the Japanese invasions of Korea and the final battle that marked the end of the war. The veteran staff of Big Stone Pictures, who have produced well-made war films such as ‘Myeongryang’, ‘Hansan’, and ‘The Battle of Bongo-dong’, and director Kim Han-min will once again provide audiences with spectacular entertainment and an attempt to end the war against Japan. Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s last battle will be recreated on screen on an overwhelming scale, delivering deep emotion and resonance.

As it is Korea’s first series to cover real-life historical heroes, expectations are high for Admiral Yi Sun-sin in ‘Noryang’, which Kim Yun-seok will present following Choi Min-sik’s ‘Roaring Currents’ and Park Hae-il’s ‘Hansan’. In addition, Baek Yun-sik, Jeong Jae-young, and Heo Jun-ho, as well as Ahn Bo-hyun, Kim Seong-gyu, Lee Gyu-hyung, Lee Moo-saeng, Choi Deok-moon, Park Myeong-hoon, Park Hoon, and Moon Jeong-hee, as well as leading Korean actors and young blood, come together to complete a harmonious casting, completing the final of the Yi Sun-sin trilogy. Expectations are high that the battle will be even more grand.

‘Noryang: The Sea of ​​Death’ is the last work of the ‘Yi Sun-shin Trilogy Project’ planned by director Kim Han-min of ‘Roaring Currents’, which was released on July 30, 2014 and set the all-time domestic box office record of 17.61 million people. This work depicts Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s final battle to completely annihilate the Japanese army attempting to retreat from Joseon, seven years after the outbreak of the Japanese Invasion of Korea. Kim Yun-seok, Baek Yun-sik, Jeong Jae-young, Heo Jun-ho, Kim Seong-gyu, Lee Kyu-hyung, Lee Moo-saeng, Choi Deok-moon, Ahn Bo-hyun, Park Myung-hoon, Park Hoon and Moon Jeong-hee appeared, and director Kim Han-min of ‘Roaring Currents’ and ‘Hansan: The Rise of the Dragon’ took the megaphone. Scheduled to be released in December.

Reporter Cho Ji-young soulhn1220@sportschosun.com

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