‘Open War’ winner Kim Kook-bin “100 million won in prize money? Thoughts: “I will work part-time for the time being.”


[News Reporter Kim Myeong-mi]

Kim Kook-bin, winner of ‘Open War’, expressed his thoughts.

On September 16, MBN’s startup survival show ‘Open War’ ended after 8 weeks of fierce fighting. ‘Open War’ is a new concept startup survival program in which participants with various backgrounds compete in a fierce competition for startup funds. It presented fresh enjoyment to viewers by presenting a mission that proved not just cooking skills but also the capabilities of the ‘president’.

Surprisingly, the winner of the ‘War’ over a total of 5 rounds was Kim Kook-bin (35), a challenger with no professional cooking experience. Contestant Kim Kook-bin, who originally worked as an actor and acting coach, introduced himself as “a chef by my wife, for my wife, and my wife’s chef”on the broadcast, and said that he decided to appear on the show thanks to his wife, who usually enjoys his cooking..

When asked how he felt about winning, challenger Kim Kook-bin confessed, “I didn’t expect it at all.” He said, “The production team told him to take 6 days off his schedule until the semifinals, but he expected he would be eliminated in the first round, so he only took 2 days off his schedule. “He only brought two pairs of underwear, so I washed them by hand to get by,” he said, sharing the behind-the-scenes details he kept hidden, adding, “I feel good, but also dazed.”

Additionally, the most memorable contest was ‘Round 3 Delivery War’. He said, “At that time, all the judges thought our team would lose. However, because I thought that business is not something that just one person can excel at, I believed that our team had a better chance of winning,” he said, recalling the time when he achieved victory through extraordinary teamwork.

Kim Kook-bin’s challenger will receive a total of 100 million won in prize money. Regarding the winning prize money, he said, “I plan to use it as funds for my first startup,” but added an unexpected plan, saying, “It’s still not enough, so I’m going to try working part-time in other places.” He expressed his unique ambition, saying, “Even part-time work will be a big challenge for me as I am older, but just like I did in ‘Open War,’ I will work hard in everything and do my best without being ashamed of learning.” (Photo = MBN)

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