Rock band Biz suffers accident during stage demolition… 7 staff seriously injured [Look@Japan]


[TV Report = Reporter Ahn Soo-hyun] An accident occurred during the demolition of the stage of Japanese rock band B’z, and seven people were seriously injured.

On the 18th, Biz’s agency officially apologized, saying that an accident occurred while dismantling the stage set after the Fukuoka performance the previous day.

Biz’s agency said, “An accident occurred when part of the set fell while the stage set was being removed at midnight after the Fukuoka Pay Pay dome performance on the 17th,”adding, “Staff and part-time workers were injured in this accident and are currently receiving treatment at the hospital. Police “We conducted an on-site inspection at the scene,” he explained the situation.

He added, “A total of seven people were seriously injured, and their lives are not in danger.” In addition, regarding the Osaka performance scheduled for three days starting on the 21st, he said, “Because part of the stage set was damaged and tour staff and part staff were injured, we are carefully discussing holding the Osaka Yanmar Stadium Nigai performance.”

The agency said, “We sincerely apologize for the worry and inconvenience caused to Biz’s fans, those planning to attend the performance, and everyone involved in this accident.”Furthermore, he ended the post by saying, “I sincerely hope and pray that the injured staff and part-time employees recover as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, whether the Biz Osaka performance, which is being discussed, will be held will be announced on the 19th. Biz is a two-member rock band formed by vocalist Koshi Inaba and guitarist Takahiro Matsumoto and is famous for its spectacular performances and powerful sound. Biz, who debuted in 1998, has a record of being number one on the Oricon single chart for 20 consecutive years. In 2010, they ranked first in Oricon’s list of ‘rock bands you want to leave behind for future generations.’

Reporter Ahn Soo-hyun / Photo = YouTube Music

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