‘Teenage girl’ Kyubin, pre-debut today (19th) in Wonstein’s designated office… ‘Doodle’


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Na-young] Kyubin, who has been attracting attention in the music industry even before his debut, releases his pre-debut song and finally takes off his veil.

Kyubin, a member of Liveworks Company who has outstanding talent and appearance that is hard to believe as a teenage musician, released his pre-debut song ‘Graffiti (Feat. Wonstein)’, supported by Wonstein, through various online music sites today (19th). He takes his first steps into the music industry by announcing.

The title song ‘Graffiti’ is an impressive song with the harmony of Kyubin’s and Wonstein’s voices, singing about the thrilling feelings of unrequited love on a sweet easy listening pop track that starts with a vintage guitar performance. The experience of unconsciously scribbling down and drawing the face of someone who came to mind in a dream, as well as the pure heart of cherishing even such scribbles, were immersed in the voices of the two artists.

In particular, it contains lovely lyrics that embody the precious emotions you feel while scribbling while thinking of your loved one. The refreshing and fresh teenage sensibility created by high school student Kyubin and MZ generation icon Wonstein is expected to immerse anyone who is in their current teens or who has had a crush during their teenage years as the main character of the song.


In addition, the music video scheduled to be released warmly captures the meeting between Kyubin, who represents teenagers, and Wonstein, who represents the MZ generation. The sight of two people singing while looking at each other with warm gaze is expected to give viewers happy and excited feelings.

Kyubin, who released the first single of his pre-debut collaboration project, will use his broad musical spectrum to collaborate with Gaeko of the ‘Korean Hip Hop’ Dynamic Duo and vocalist Kim Jong-wan of NELL, the best K-pop band with unrivaled sensibility. By releasing projects one after another, they announced that they would showcase various genres of music before their official debut.


Meanwhile, Kyubin’s first collaboration project single ‘Doodle (Feat. Wonstein)’ will be released through various online music sites at noon today (19th).


[Photo] Liveworks Company

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