‘The Thief: The Sound of the Sword’ Kim Nam-gil “I’m attracted to the 1920s setting + the Western genre”

Kim Nam-gil.  Photo|Reporter Yoo Yong-seok
Kim Nam-gil. Photo|Reporter Yoo Yong-seok

‘Thief: The Sound of the Sword’ Kim Nam-gil revealed the reason for his appearance.

On the 19th, a production presentation for the Netflix series ‘Thief: The Sound of the Sword’ was held at the Ambassador Pullman Hotel in Seoul. Director Hwang Jun-hyuk and actors Kim Nam-gil, Seohyun, Yoo Jae-myeong, Lee Hyun-wook, Lee Ho-jeong, Kim Do-yoon, Lee Jae-gyun, Cha Yeop, and Cha Cheong-hwa attended.

On this day, Kim Nam-gil said, “It is a Western genre, and there are many stories set in the 1920s in Korea due to the combination of the historical pain and other stories of that era, but there is no Western genre, so I was attracted to that genre.”

He continued, “Each thief has different tendencies, characteristics, and weapons. The action part there felt special. It resembles several military figures from the 1920s. “I thought that the people gathered here would express that well, so viewers would find it attractive,” he explained.

He also said, “When handling firearms, unlike before, I paid attention to long take actions. To go all at once. He prepared with great care for that aspect. “It will be fun to watch the long take action,” he said.

‘Thieves: The Sound of the Sword’ is an action drama about people who come together to protect their precious people and their home in Gando, a lawless land where China, Japan, and Joseon people gathered in 1920. The poem is made public.

[Reporter Yang So-young, Star Today]

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