TWICE Nayeon’s side “Suspicion over 600 million won debt already concluded, legal action for speculative defamation” [Official statement]


[Sports Reporter Jeong An-ji] Group Twice’s Nayeon announced her position regarding the ‘debt-related’ complaint.

According to the legal community on the 19th, the 13th Civil Division of the Seoul Eastern District Court ruled that Mr. A, Nayeon’s mother’s former lover, filed a lawsuit against Nayeon’s mother and Nayeon for a loan amount worth 600 million won in January last year, but that Mr. A lost.

In relation to this, Nayeon’s agency, JYP Entertainment, said, “The ruling has already been finalized and concluded, so we have nothing to say as it has nothing to do with the artist’s entertainment activities.”She said, “However, in the future, we will take firm legal action against any cases that defame or insult artists through speculative posts.”

According to the ruling, Mr. A transferred approximately 535.9 million won to Nayeon from 2004 to June 2016. It was revealed that Nayeon and Nayeon’s mother paid 115,612,093 won with a credit card in Mr. A’s name over a six-year period from March 2009 to February 2015.

Mr. A filed a lawsuit against Nayeon and Nayeon’s mother in January last year. At the trial, Mr. A said, “At the time, at the request of Nayeon’s mother, I lent her the necessary funds, including her living expenses. I promised to repay Nayeon’s money when Nayeon, who was her trainee, debuted as a singer, but Nayeon broke her promise.”claimed.

However, the court acknowledged that Mr. A had provided support worth 600 million won to Nayeon over 12 years, but did not acknowledge Mr. A’s claim, saying, “There is no evidence to recognize this as a loan.”The court then said, “In light of the number, period, amount, and circumstances of the financial transactions, it is difficult to believe that Mr. A and Nayeon agreed to return the money,” adding, “Mr. A will also return the money when Nayeon debuts as a singer.” “It is difficult to view the entire amount paid as a loan because it is claimed to be an expectation of receiving it,” he explained.

Mr. A did not appeal after losing in the first trial.

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