‘Welcome, this is my first time in Korea’ Bulgarian trio reveals pollack soup mukbang [T-Day]

TV Daily Photo
TV Daily Photo

[TV Daily Intern Reporter Kim Jin-seok] ‘Welcome, this is my first time in Korea’ Three friends from Bulgaria fall in love with Korean rest stop food.

In MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Welcome, My First Time in Korea’, which will be aired on the 21st, Bulgarian friends on their second day in Korea visit a highway rest area and enjoy a great meal.

Host Ivailo reunites with his friends after 6 years and takes them to Sokcho. However, Ivailo, who got behind the wheel for the first time in busy Seoul, appears to be wandering around the road from the start of the trip, foreshadowing that a difficult day will unfold from the start.

Before the actual trip, they visit a rest area to fill their stomachs. The friends who ordered udon and dried pollack soup at the rest area food court showed off their trancelike mukbang, making even the viewers happy. In particular, Tihomir finishes his meal by mixing rice with soup.

Zlatko, who ordered dried pollack soup, confounds those watching by making his own special dried pollack soup. Zlatko’s dried pollack rice soup recipe can be found on the broadcast.

‘Welcome, It’s Your First Time in Korea’ airs every Thursday at 8:30 PM.

[TV Daily Intern Reporter Kim Jin-seok news@tvdaily.co.kr/Photo provided by MBC Every1]

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