Yeom Kyung-hwan, who earned a salary worth hundreds of millions of dollars in home shopping, leaves the recording studio saying, “I have no regrets about entertainment anymore” (Jandangpo)

Yeom Kyung-hwan, provided by JTBC's 'Jjandangpo'
Yeom Kyung-hwan, provided by JTBC’s ‘Jjandangpo’
Seonyoung Ahn, provided by JTBC's 'Jjandangpo'
Seonyoung Ahn, provided by JTBC’s ‘Jjandangpo’

[News Reporter Hwang Hye-jin]

Broadcaster Yeom Kyung-hwan, who earned a salary worth hundreds of millions of dollars through home shopping, said, “I have no regrets about entertainment anymore.”

Yeom Kyung-hwan will appear on JTBC’s ‘Jjandangpo’, which will be broadcast on September 19th.

On this day’s broadcast, home shopping sold-out icons Yeom Kyung-hwan, Ahn Seon-young, and Park Hwi-soon will be present. They reveal their splendid current status as they enter their second heyday through home shopping.

Seonyoung Ahn, who has been in home shopping for 21 years, surprises everyone by saying, “Three of the companies I sold products to have gone public.” He then went on to say that he started the business because he thought, “I want to stop selling other people’s products and start selling my own products,” and that he recently built a new headquarters.

Yeom Kyung-hwan revealed that he has 120 schedules this month, proving his second heyday, and the MCs responded with Kim Gura saying, “Yum Kyung-hwan earns in billions of won, but he doesn’t have time to spend money,” and “I heard he pays the maximum health insurance premium of 4.4 million won.” It is said that he said.

In response, Yeom Kyung-hwan bursts out laughing, saying, “Why does she talk about other people like that?”

Park Hwi-soon, who appeared with them, conveys his ambition to run a second road to success through his appearance in ‘Jjandanngpo’. When asked what she’s up to these days, she says, “‘Sweet Dangpo’ schedule is the first broadcast schedule this month,”making her laugh even more.

Sunyoung Ahn revealed that she once made 2.8 billion won in sales in an hour and surprised everyone by saying, “I clean my face and apply cosmetics dozens of times a day to re-enact cosmetics, so my skin peeled off at the time.” She also added that after the broadcast, she received a luxury bag and a bouquet of flowers as a gift from the company representative, which arouses interest.

Yeom Kyung-hwan reveals his own philosophy, saying that he has never raised his home shopping appearance fee for 20 years, saying, “I chose the strategy of producing prolific projects without raising the appearance fee.” In addition, Yeom Kyung-hwan, known as the ‘BTS of the home shopping world,’ is said to have devastated the scene by showing an unexpected behavior by leaving the filming set during the recording, saying, “I have no regrets about entertainment anymore.”

Park Hwi-soon recalls the past experience of appearing on home shopping with Hong Jin-kyung and reveals the story of receiving a large bundle of money from Hong Jin-kyung. In response, Park Hwi-soon said, “Hong Jin-kyung is like her mother to me,” and added, “Please let her be my mother in the next life.” “She will be born as Hong Hwi-sun,” she said, causing laughter.

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