Christopher Nolan even has a set time to go to the bathroom…”11 AM, 6 PM” [Hollywood News]


[TV Report = Reporter Kang Seong-hoon] Director Christopher Nolan (53), called a ‘master’, is a very thorough personality even in his daily life.

On the 19th (local time), the foreign media ‘VANITY FAIR’ published an interview with American actor Robert Downey Jr. (58). On this day, Robert Downey Jr. revealed that director Christopher Nolan had a set time to go to the bathroom during filming. The two worked together as directors and actors in the movie ‘Oppenheimer’, which was released last year.

Robert Downey Jr. said he asked Christopher Nolan when he goes to the bathroom, and was told, “11 a.m., 6 p.m.”He joked, “Are you kidding me?”and explained that he was surprised by the very regular behavior.

Director Christopher Nolan is famous for maintaining his own, very serious approach to filmmaking. In fact, in 2020, actress Anne Hathaway (41) said, “Director Christopher Nolan did not allow cell phones to be used on set, nor did he allow chairs to be placed.”

However, director Christopher Nolan’s spokesperson said in an official statement at the time, “The only things prohibited on set are cell phones and smoking.”He added that when it came to banning chairs, director Christopher Nolan himself decided not to write about it. It was explained that actors and staff can sit on chairs anytime and anywhere on the set if they wish.

In addition to strict set rules, the news that director Christopher Nolan also had a set time to go to the bathroom came as a surprise to many people.

Meanwhile, director Christopher Nolan received the Best Director Award at the 81st Golden Globe Awards on the 7th. Robert Downey Jr. also won the Best Supporting Actor award for the film.

‘Oppenheimer’ is a film depicting the biography of nuclear physicist Julius Robert Oppenheimer, who participated in the American nuclear development project and developed the atomic bomb. In the play, Robert Downey Jr. played the role of Admiral Louis Strauss, chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

Reporter Kang Seong-hoon / Photo = TV Report DB

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