Although she started off with concerns… Shin Hye-sun’s ‘healing acting’ captivated viewers.

[Reporter Yang Hyeong-seok]

In the spring of 2022, tvN’s weekend drama

In fact, Jeju Island has now become close and familiar enough to allow a day trip, but it is still not a setting that often appears in dramas. <Our Blues> Previous works include <The Coveted One>, which depicts the love story of Lim Joo-hwan, a scholar who was exiled to Jeju in 2009, and Seo-woo, a baby diver, and

While the afterglow left behind by <Our Blues> has not yet disappeared, another drama set in Jeju, <Welcome to Samdali>, began in December 2023 amidst many concerns. However,

An actor who started from a small role and grew steadily.

Shin Hye-sun clearly imprinted her name on the public through
ⓒ KBS screen capture

Shin Hye-sun, who began dreaming of becoming an actress after watching the drama “Autumn Fairy Tale” as a child, majored in music and theater in high school and film arts in college. She debuted as an actress when she appeared as a student in <School 2013>, starring Jang Na-ra, Choi Daniel, Lee Jong-suk, and Kim Woo-bin, which aired from 2012 to 2013. In 2014, she appeared in the drama <High School King of Life>, where she first met with director Yoo Je-won and writers Yang Hee-seung and Cho Sung-hee, with whom she later collaborated on several works.

Shin Hye-sun, who played the role of Kang Eun-hee, the younger sister of Kang Seon-woo (played by Jo Jeong-seok), who gave up her dream of becoming a ballerina in a car accident in Oh My Ghost in 2015, played Kim Hye-jin (played by Hwang Jung-eum) in the MBC drama “She Was Pretty”in the same year. I played the role of Han Seol, a coworker of. And she became a hot topic with her kissing scene with Kang Dong-won in the movie <Prosecutor Abduction>, which was released in 2016. At that time, Shin Hye-sun was only a new actress who played roles such as the main character’s younger sister, friend, or co-worker rather than her important role.

Shin Hye-sun, who appeared in several works and steadily gained acting experience, left a strong impression on viewers by playing the role of first-time prosecutor Young Eun-soo in the 2017 tvN drama

Shin Hye-sun plays the main character Seo Ji-an in

Shin Hye-sun’s growth story, which started with a role without even a character description and steadily developed into acting to do her best regardless of the role of each character she played, was enough to win the favor of viewers. In the summer of 2018, Shin Hye-sun proved that she is an actress who can play a solo lead role through “She’s Thirty but I’m Seventeen,” in which she played a thirty-year-old woman with the soul of a seventeen-year-old. In November of the same year, she also appeared in <Praise of Death>, where she played Yoon Sim-deok, the first soprano of the Joseon Dynasty.

Shin Hye-sun’s healing performance disarmed viewers

Shin Hye-sun, who played a prosecutor in the drama
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Shin Hye-sun played a ballerina, a visually impaired person, and a chaebol heir at the same time in the 2019 drama

In the winter of 2020, Shin Hye-sun led the high viewership rating of 17% while playing Kim So-yong in the drama

In August and October 2023, the movies

Unlike her previous works, Shin Hye-sun relaxed her shoulders and showed comfortable acting in

In fact, it is true that when the broadcast began, there were many negative views about

Shin Hye-sun showed off her new charm with a more comfortable acting in
ⓒ jtbc screen capture

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