Cosmic Girls’ SeolA “I like helping everyone rather than competing. It’s awkward to eat alone.” (radio show)

WJSN’s Seol-ah and Choi Y-na appeared on ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’

iMBC entertainment news photo
iMBC entertainment news photo

On KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ aired on the 22nd (Monday), WJSN’s Seol-ah and Choi Yena were featured as ‘Legendary Masters’ In the corner, we introduced the new album and talked about it.

On this day, DJ Park Myung-soo asked, “Do you two know each other?”and Seol-ah responded, “We don’t know each other, but we ran into each other a few times while doing the program.”And they say you came to our concert,” Choi Yena responded, “That’s right. The first concert I went to when I was a trainee was Cosmic Girls’ senior concert. “That’s why it’s so amazing to be in the same place right now,” he added.

When Park Myung-soo asked, “So are you two in competition?” Seol-ah said, “No. We must eat and live together. “These days, it’s better to warmly help everyone rather than compete,” he responded.

Choi Yena also said, “I completely agree. Aren’t you close friends with senior Yoo Jae-seok? “Don’t you feel that way?” she sympathized.

Seol-ah, who is a fan of Yoo Jae-seok, said, “I am also a fan of senior Park Myung-soo. When she said, “I really like what you say,”Park Myung-soo asked, “Park Myung-soo vs. Yoo Jae-seok?”and Seol-ah answered, “Yu Myung-soo.”

Park Myung-soo then asked, “Hal Myung-soo vs. excuses?”and Seol-ah answered, “Hal Myung-soo,”and explained that the reason was, “I thought there was a slightly higher chance that Hal Myung-soo would get out,”making everyone laugh.

Afterwards, Choi Yena said about the new song, “We made a comeback last week and entered the second week of activity. The new song ‘GOOD MORNING’ was introduced by saying, “If you listen to it in the morning when you go to work, go to school, or exercise in the morning, you can have a very refreshing day.” Seol-ah said, “I will release my new song tomorrow.” It comes out. “Today you can listen to a 30-second preview,” she explained.

When Park Myung-soo asked, “How is it different when you do it as a group and when you do it alone?” Yena Choi said, “There are so many members and their names are long, so it seems like it took about a year to memorize their names. There are so many movement lines and formations when standing on stage that if you make a mistake, you’ll be in big trouble. I felt a lot of pressure because if one person got screwed, all 12 people got screwed. But with Solo, you don’t have to worry about that. She just needs to be in the middle by herself. I think that part is a bit easy. But when there are 12 people, it’s definitely more fun and the energy is different. “I think there are definitely pros and cons,” he said.

Seol-ah continued, “At first, I couldn’t get used to doing it alone. It was very awkward to sit alone in the waiting room. I didn’t cry, but it was awkward and I couldn’t get used to it. And I stopped eating. Even though I like eating alone, it feels awkward to eat alone when I have a schedule. “I still feel awkward with the staff and manager,” he said, explaining what he felt while working as a solo artist.

‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ is broadcast every day from 11 am to 12 pm on KBS Cool FM, and can also be heard through the PC and smartphone application ‘KBS Radio Kong’.

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