‘Without blood or tears’ Lee So-yeon and Ha Yeon-joo, sisters who met through their father-in-law…a bloody and cruel narrative [Comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Chae-yeon] ‘Without Blood and Tears’ depicts family love and revenge.

On the morning of the 22nd, the production presentation for KBS 2TV’s daily drama ‘Without Blood and Tears’ was held online. Attending the event were director Kim Shin-il, actors Lee So-yeon, Ha Yeon-ju, Oh Chang-seok, Jang Se-hyeon, Jeong Chan, and Park Shin-woo.

KBS 2TV’s new daily drama ‘Without Blood and Tears’ (directed by Shin-il Kim, Jeong-eun Choi / written by Gyeong-hee Kim / produced by Monster Union), which airs at 7:50 pm today (22nd), is about sisters who separated due to their parents’ divorce when they were young, and go through a whirlwind of fate. It is a work about a tragic story of two people meeting again and heading towards catastrophe. Lee So-yeon and Ha Yeon-ju play the roles of Lee Hye-won and Bae Do-eun (Lee Hye-ji), sisters who were separated when they were young and reunited as her daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.


On this day, director Kim Shin-il said hello and said, “Hello. Please watch a lot. This is great work. “You just have to look,” he said, revealing his confidence.

Soyeon Lee said, “It seems like it’s been a while since I last saw you. “She brings me a lot of attention and loves me a lot,” she said. Ha Joo-yeon said, “As you saw in the trailer, it is a drama with a lot of different stories, so a lot of different stories will come out.” She said, “Please watch a lot every evening from today,” and requested to watch the live broadcast.

Director Kim Shin-il said about the point of directing, “I did a good job without looking back and forth. I read an article this morning and it said that Korea has the 3rd highest divorce rate in the world and 1st in Asia. “Our drama started with the story of two sisters experiencing their parents’ divorce for economic reasons, with the younger daughter following her mother and the older daughter following her father,” he said. “Many viewers thought that divorce was a common and common emotional event. I can sympathize with these two sisters, and although they are dealing with conflicts and struggles as adults, I am nonetheless trying not to lose sight of my faith in them without making it too dark. Also, the writer is good at writing comics. “I’m trying to keep the comedy alive,” he explained.


He continued, “It’s a real blood-related family, and even though we don’t share blood, Hye-won also has the character of Soo-hyang, a mother-in-law who is like a mother to her. “Because she has affection for her family, there is romance, comedy, thriller, laughter, and mystery, and there are hidden points that many viewers will like,” he added.

Regarding her return to KBS three years after ‘Miss Monte Cristo,’ Lee So-yeon said, “The two works have similarities in the keyword ‘revenge’, but they have completely different stories. Back then, she was a strong and venomous woman, but this time, she is a woman with perfect intelligence and a broad heart, and how she overcomes many conflicts. I don’t think I have as much venom and attitude as I did back then. “I think it will happen gradually.”

Ha Yeon-joo also returned five years after getting married. He said, “It’s been a while since I’ve been active, so it’s a bit unfamiliar. Since he has had a personal history, he prepared a lot because he wanted to show a more diverse and in-depth side compared to the past. He is a villain, but as the director said, there are fun elements to it. He expressed his expectations, saying, “He is vicious, but he is also cute and an attractive character, so I want to meet him quickly and I am excited.”


When we asked the cast why they chose the work, we received a variety of answers. First, Soyeon Lee said, “In my case, the drama was different from the dramas that were aired during the existing KBS2 time slot. There are many characters with a sense of humor, a story of revenge, and the warmth of family. He said, “I chose it with the expectation that viewers would watch it with sympathy,” and Ha Yeon-ju said, “The drama story is solid. The past and present go back and forth, but the story is solid and it’s a sister’s story, so each of them has their own story, so I think you’ll sympathize with Hye-won, and on the other hand, you’ll also be able to understand the feeling of ‘this could be possible’ in Do-eun’s role. “In that sense, I chose him because he could build up history and history, rather than being a stereotypical villain running for revenge,” he explained.

Oh Chang-seok said, “The genre of the KBS daily drama caught the attention of many people with strong and provocative scenes, but I think there was also fatigue. On the one hand, it is possible to deal with revenge while being lively like a weekend drama. “I think people of many ages will be able to empathize with it and enjoy it,” he said. Jang Se-hyun said, “I played a villain just before and earned my mothers’ hatred. This time, I think I will be loved by my mother by playing the opposite role of a dutiful son, a good son-in-law, and a pure man. Although they couldn’t be here, there are many actors and seniors. “We are also watching with fascination, and I think that will be an element that viewers will enjoy watching.”


On the other hand, Jeong Chan said, “You said a lot of good things in front of me. I was older than the other woman for about ten years. He said, “After over ten years, after Seo Hyun-jin, Ha Yeon-joo said she would be my co-star, so I came forward.” Ha Yeon-ju said, “Oh, really?” and added, “One of my most embarrassing elements was playing the role of a father-in-law in my previous works.” It aroused.

How was the chemistry between the two people? Jeong Chan said, “We worked well together in the previous work, and although that guy looks fierce, he is smart. This time, they showed another growth and development, which serves as an example to me. So, when you get to my age, you become stagnant, but as an opponent, it gives you energy every time you see his acting, so it’s fun,” he explained.

Ha Yeon-ju also said, “As you heard, I think I also received a lot of help because you said a lot of good things. I think it would have been difficult for me if it weren’t for senior Chan Jeong, and in fact, I did it after hearing that senior Chan Jeong was doing it. He expressed his gratitude by saying, “You did a great job meeting my expectations, so if there is anything that comes out well in our work, it’s all thanks to you.”

Oh Chang-seok also made a surprising revelation about Lee So-yeon. When asked what the chemistry between the two was like, Lee So-yeon said, “It was my first time meeting Chang-seok in a production, and she really made me feel comfortable, like she was an old friend. So she is filming comfortably without any major difficulties on set, and she appears as a very interesting character,” he praised.


On the other hand, Oh Chang-seok said, “I think this is the first time I’ve been the same age as my co-star. “I felt a lot of kinship with him and was very glad to see him as someone who lived in the same era,” she said, earning a shout out from Lee So-yeon.

He continued, “Soyeon really likes drinking, and this is the first time I’ve seen an actress drink so much. We, born in 1982, are strong with this easy-going appearance. Anyway, that’s why I find it really fun, and Soyeon’s work style is one where she focuses constantly, but I only focus when it comes to shooting. “I am helping them out and acting as their manager as well,” he said, making everyone laugh.

Regarding her character, So-yeon Lee said, “Hye-won Lee is a person who has been scarred by her parents’ divorce. I wonder how she will deal with that hurt when she confronts her brother. She said, “I think the drama could be an opportunity for her to change,” and Ha Yeon-ju said, “(In the case of Bae Do-eun) she ended up living a life in a different direction from the direction she originally intended to live. She says, but she has one. After meeting her older sister, she begins to seek revenge on her, and believes that revenge is the path to forgiveness for her older sister. “I want to show you the way to forgiveness,” she said.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s daily drama ‘Without Blood and Tears’ will premiere at 7:50 PM on the 22nd.


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