‘A song that rings in my ears’ Kim Won-hoon, is he the short box guy? He’s even good at singing


[OSEN=Reporter Yeon Hwi-seon] Comedian Kim Won-hoon attracted attention with his all-round talent.

Kim Won-hoon appeared on ENA’s music entertainment show ‘Song to My Ear’, which aired on the 13th and 20th, and showed off his various charms, from laughter to a voice that stimulates women’s hearts.

On this day’s broadcast, before revealing the song selection, Kim Won-hoon raised expectations by expressing confidence, saying, ‘I am a step above Cho Jin-se, a member of ‘Short Box’ who appeared before me in this genre.’ However, he soon said simply, “I am satisfied with about 50%.”The goal was revealed, raising curiosity about the Ding song stage.

Kim Won-hoon, who selected Vibe’s ‘Promise U’ along with revealing the story that it was a song he often sang at karaoke during his school days to appeal to people of the opposite sex, said, ‘When I sing this song, I sit at the end of the sofa and listen to the last song. He even revealed the so-called ‘Handsome Man’s Lifestyle Information’ tip, which states, ‘You must sing with one minute left, and you must make eye contact when the song ends’, making the scene burst into laughter.

Also, Kim Won-hoon, who ‘spun the roulette’ for the stage, tried to spin the roulette by mouth when 35% came out, but quickly gave up on the mission and said, “I’m satisfied with 35%,”and said, “I’m satisfied with even 35%.”Ding song’ He went straight to the stage and showed off his cool and cheerful appearance.

Kim Won-hoon, who then headed to the stage, immediately captivated the audience by singing passionately with the warm eyes, low-pitched vocals, and clean tone he showed during his school days, and even rapped with a melody perfectly, drawing cheers.

Kim Won-hoon’s stage, which immediately immersed viewers, quickly reached the promised 35%, and the stage door closed with exquisite timing along with the lyrics of the song, ‘I will disappear from memory,’ causing laughter. Kim Won-hoon’s stage attracted attention by leaving a short but strong impression with a soft tone and a laugh point.

In particular, Kim Won-hoon’s performance continued off stage. Kim Won-hoon showed off his unique sense of entertainment by participating in the panelists’ mission to ‘save 100% of the songs’ along with his active reactions.

In Kim Ki-tae’s ‘Communication Boomtong’ mission, he showed off his unique sense by listing the unique fish species ‘Piranha’ for a 100% euphemism stage, and in Yurisa’s ‘Jumble Boom’ mission, he seemed embarrassed by a puzzle of easy difficulty, but managed to do it just in the nick of time. It was fun to watch by giving the correct answer and creating tension.

Kim Won-hoon, who debuted as a comedian in KBS’ 30th open recruitment, has boasted an outstanding sense of humor by taking on various corners at KBS’ ‘Gag Concert’, and was the first pitch thrower at last year’s ‘SSG Landers KIA Tigers Opening Game’ and ‘SSG Landers NC Dinos Semi-Playoffs’. He is performing well as a ‘popular entertainer’, including winning the ‘Popularity Award in the Male Entertainment Category’ at the ‘2023 Asia Model Awards’.

Wonhoon Kim is currently active as a member of the YouTube channel ‘Short Box’. He is receiving a lot of love for targeting the tastes of MZs with various contents. Afterwards, Kim Won-hoon plans to continue his active activities by showing off his extraordinary abilities in various fields. / monamie@osen.co.kr

[Photo] Provided by ENA.

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