Seong Hae-eun confesses her troubles with her boyfriend, “He came to my house and said, ‘I’ll do some XX”’ (‘Run away”)


[OSEN=Reporter Yeon Hwi-seon] ‘Run’, which will neatly organize the ‘bad relationship’ that everyone has experienced, is revealed.

Tonight (the 22nd), MBC’s new entertainment program ‘Run away: Stop loss agency service (abbreviated as Run away)’ will be aired for the first time.

In the first episode, ‘Transit Icon’ Seong Hae-eun, who made her face known with a sad narrative that caused overindulgence in the romantic reality show ‘Transit Love 2’, and Seo Dong-joo, a ‘representative brain in the entertainment industry’ who is working as a lawyer in the United States, performed a special hand amputation. It is scheduled to appear. Seong Hae-eun, who is making her first appearance on a terrestrial entertainment show, opened up about her concerns about having a boyfriend, which she had never discussed anywhere else. It is said that the male friend who was invited to Seong Hae-eun’s housewarming party went into her bedroom and proudly said, “I will do some XX now,”and committed the worst evil deed she has ever done. It is said that all the cast members who heard this expressed anger and were shocked. It stimulates curiosity about what the male friend’s evil deeds are.


In addition, various stories were revealed, ranging from the story of a husband who made his wife jealous to the stories of MZ’s company life. In particular, Seong Hae-eun, who heard the story of her husband causing his wife’s jealousy by saying he would take one-on-one classes from a female Pilates instructor, said, “I’m really going crazy with jealousy,”and expressed strong jealousy. On the other hand, Seo Dong-ju, who said that he was very jealous, contrary to his words, published bold bikini photos on social media, and even My Way Kim Dae-ho started to crack down on Seo Dong-ju’s SNS.

In addition, Seong Hae-eun, who heard the story of the work life of an MZ employee who stopped talking to her boss and left work early when it was time to leave work, said, “If it were me, I would never have imagined it!” and confessed her experience of being bullied and bullied of all kinds during her time as a flight attendant.. Accordingly, Seo Dong-ju, who is the exact opposite of Seong Hae-eun, not only expressed his anger loudly at the abusive company representative, but also confidently said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not angry, so I’ll say one more thing.”It was confirmed that their characters are polar opposites.


Lastly, a sad story of an ordinary person that brought everyone to tears is revealed. From the age of 20 to 32, she not only gave half of her salary to her mother, but also spent tens of millions of won just to pay off her mother’s debt. However, it is said that the detailed inside story that cannot be cut off even if one wants to run away from such a mother was revealed, making everyone feel sad. In particular, Satire was unable to continue speaking as he was so overcome with emotion while offering comfort to the storyteller, while Seo Dong-ju conveyed deep sympathy by confessing his past experience of having a difficult time due to family problems. You can see the sad story that made everyone cry in the first broadcast. Broadcast every Monday at 9 p.m. /

[Photo] Provided by MBC.

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