Jo Se-ho, his thoughts on his relationship, “I have found someone precious, and I want to be with them for a long time.” [specialty]


[Sports Reporter Lee Ge-eun] Broadcaster Jo Se-ho revealed his feelings about dating.

On the 22nd, Jo Se-ho said, “For the first time, an article about my relationship came out. I think some people noticed when Jaeseok hyung hinted at something on You Quiz. “In the posts I occasionally write, there are people who have sent me encouragement telling me to find a good person quickly,” he said.

He continued, “I have found someone who is very precious to me and whom I want to spend time with for a long time. “We have been together for almost a year and have become more confident in each other, so we decided to treasure the future together even more,” he said, referring to the existence of a lover.

According to his agency A2Z Entertainment, Jo Se-ho is in a relationship with a non-celebrity office worker on the premise of marriage and expressed his desire to get married within this year.

Jo Se-ho’s girlfriend was born in 1991 and is 32 years old this year. She is 9 years older than Jo Se-ho, who was born in 1982. She is a woman with outstanding beauty and intelligence and has been dating Jo Se-ho for a year. The two developed into a couple as they grew closer over their common interests, including fashion.


Last December, Jo Se-ho was embroiled in marriage rumors. tvN ‘You Quiz on the Block’ In an episode of singer and actress Jang Na-ra, she confessed her concerns about wedding invitations. Jo Se-ho asked Jang Na-ra, who was enjoying her newlywed life, “Many people wonder how far wedding invitations should be delivered when they get married,” and Yoo Jae-seok laughed, saying, “Why are Joseph curious about that?”

When Jo Se-ho was embarrassed and couldn’t continue saying, “I’m still single, too,”Jang Na-ra was surprised and asked, “Are you leaving?”Yoo Jae-seok asked, “Are you talking about a wedding invitation all of a sudden?”and, as if he knew about Jo Se-ho’s romantic relationship, he was frustrated and said, “No, but why isn’t there an article about it?”When rumors of marriage suddenly arose, Jo Se-ho waved his hand and said, “I asked because you were married because you were curious about the scope of the wedding invitation.”

Meanwhile, Jo Se-ho debuted as a comedian in the 6th SBS open recruitment in 2001, and changed his stage name from his stage name Cabbage to his real name Jo Se-ho in 2011, and is active in various entertainment shows.

▶The following is the full text of Jo Se-ho’s article.

hello. This is Jo Se-ho.

I think some of you have read today’s article, and some of you may be learning about it through this article.^^ This is my first love article.

I think some people noticed when Jaeseok hyung sometimes hinted at things on You Quiz. In the posts I occasionally write, there are people who have sent me encouragement, telling me to find a good person soon.

I have found someone who is very dear to me and whom I want to spend time with for a long time to come!

We were together for almost a year. As the two became more confident in each other, they decided to treasure their future time together even more.

I feel embarrassed writing this to you, but

I just think I would be grateful if you could celebrate with me. ^^

I just want to thank you for always sending so much support.

I will continue to meet my precious people!!

Please have a happy day today!!??

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