‘Touch Me’ Samantha Fox, drunk at the highest level ever… Delayed takeoff of plane, causing damage to passengers [Hollywood News]


[TV Report = Reporter Choi Lee-jae] Singer Samantha Karen Fox (57), who dominated the era with rock in the 80s, got drunk and got into a fight on the plane, causing the flight to be delayed.

On the 21st (local time), foreign media outlet Deadline reported, “Singer Samantha Fox was drunk and riotous on a flight from London Heathrow Airport to Munich,”and “got into an argument with another passenger.”It was reported that “the plane on the runway returned to the gate.”

According to reports, Samantha Fox was later arrested and expressed her remorse, saying, “I deeply apologize for the confusion.”

It was reported that the passenger with whom Samantha Fox had argued did not board the plane that day, but stayed at the hotel and boarded the plane the next day.

Samantha Fox, who attracted attention with the songs ‘Touch me’ and ‘I surrender’, debuted in England in 1986, and people were captivated by the rock song performed while wearing ripped jeans. She garnered attention for her honest lyrics and also garnered attention for her beautiful looks.

Samantha Fox surprised her by getting engaged to her manager and same-sex partner, Mira Sratton, and revealed that they plan to get married soon in Siberia.

Meanwhile, Conrad Hilton, the younger brother of famous Hollywood star Paris Hilton, also caused controversy by taking sleeping pills and causing a disturbance on the plane.

Conrad Hilton grabbed a flight attendant by the collar and said, “I can fire you all in five minutes.””I know the boss here well,” he said, “and my father will take care of everything with money.” I was shocked when he said, “My father once paid $300,000 (approximately 300 million Korean Won).”

Reporter Lee Jae Choi cyj@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = ‘touch me’ cover capture

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