Cheon Su-min “I suffered from violence, lived outside the home for three years, but ran away from home again” (‘High School Dad 4’)

[Ten Asia = Reporter Kang Min-kyung]

/Photo provided by MBN
/Photo provided by MBN

‘High School Mom 4’ Cheon Soo-min confesses that he suffered from violence.

MBN’s ‘Adults Don’t Know High School Dad 4 (hereinafter referred to as High School Dad 4), which will be aired on the 24th,’ In episode 26, ‘2.4 million YouTubers’ Comedian Son Min-soo appears as a studio guest. On this day, Son Min-soo, who received an enthusiastic welcome from the cast along with the introduction of MC In Gyo-jin as “Choi Soo-jong of the YouTuber world”, said, “I am thinking about my wife Im Ra-ra and the second generation, so I am eagerly watching ‘High School Dad’.””Immediately after, the story of Kim Da-hye, a teenage mother who had to give up her dream of becoming an MD due to childcare, was chosen as her favorite episode, ‘High School Mom’ I certify that I am an avid viewer.

MC Park Mi-seon, a senior in the comedy world, asks, “When are you planning to have a second child?” Son Min-su replies, “I don’t think I’m ready to become a parent yet, so I’m planning to plan sometime next year.” Seo Jang-hoon, who was listening to the story, said, “If Son Min-su is 34 years old, he will be a high school student.” By pointing out the fact that the program is limited, he said, “As a standard, you can have grandchildren.” The audience burst into laughter. Park Mi-sun gives her support by saying, “Seeing what Son Min-soo does to his wife Im Lara, I think he can be a good enough father.”

The main character of the day is & # 39 ; Teen Mom & # 39; Cheon Soo-min appears and reveals the story of how she became pregnant at a young age. Cheon Soo-min, who is said to have been a student with a special ability in physical education, says in a reenactment drama, “When I was a second year high school student, I suffered from violence from seniors on the sports team, so I didn’t want to go to school, and I also started having friction with my parents who didn’t know English.”In response, Seo Jang-hoon said, “There was that kind of atmosphere even when I was working out. He expresses special sympathy for Cheon Soo-min’s story, saying, “It can never happen now, and it ruins the life of not only the victim but also the perpetrator.”

But Cheon Soo-min says, “You have to graduate from high school.”After experiencing constant conflict with his parents, who expressed their position, he eventually ran away from home and lived outside the home for a whopping three years. Moreover, he revealed, “Due to living in poverty, I had an accident using a lost card, I came to my senses and returned home, but not long after, I ended up running away from home again,”and all the cast members lamented, “You’re going to be in big trouble.”It evokes Son Min-soo, who was watching Cheon Soo-min’s re-enactment drama becoming more and more confused as time passes, is shocked by culture, saying, “It’s a completely different world.”Attention is being paid to what was going on with Cheon Soo-min and what prompted his decision to appear, including his turbulent story.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter

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