‘Without Blood and Tears’ Lee So-yeon “It has a different charm from existing ‘revenge’ dramas”

Actress Lee So-yeon. Photo = Provided by KBS
Actress Lee So-yeon. Photo = Provided by KBS

Actress Lee So-yeon expressed her feelings about returning to the drama ‘Without Blood and Tears.’

At 11 am on the 22nd, an online production presentation for KBS 2TV’s daily drama ‘Without Blood and Tears’ was held. Director Kim Shin-il and actors Lee So-yeon, Ha Yeon-ju, Oh Chang-seok, Jang Se-hyeon, Jeong Chan, and Park Shin-woo attended the event.

‘Without Blood and Tears’ depicts the story of sisters who were separated when their parents divorced when they were young, but meet again in a whirlpool of fate, leading to catastrophe. So-yeon Lee played the role of Hye-won Lee, the older of her sisters.

Lee So-yeon, who returned three years after ‘Miss Monte Cristo,’ said, “The characters I played before were often strong, strong, and venomous characters. “This time, I will show you how a woman who is perfect, intelligent, big-hearted, and good-natured copes with conflict,” she said.

Lee So-yeon said about this work, “It seems to have a different charm from the existing KBS 2TV dramas of this time slot,” and “A character with a sense of humor, the element of tension called ‘revenge’, and love for family. It contains warmth. “It is a work that viewers can enjoy and empathize with,” he explained.

Meanwhile, ‘Without Blood and Tears’ will premiere at 7:50 PM on the 22nd.

Reporter Kang Joo-hee kjh818@edaily.co.kr

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