‘Without blood and tears’ Ha Yeon-joo “Dinner and Romance, I was the father-in-law in the previous work… “

Photo = KBS
Photo = KBS

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Ahn Eun-jae = Actor Jeong Chan revealed that he chose ‘Without Blood and Tears’ because of his romance with Ha Yeon-joo.

On the morning of the 22nd, an online production presentation was held for KBS 2TV’s evening daily drama ‘Without Blood and Tears’ (written by Kim Kyung-hee/directed by Kim Shin-il and Choi Jeong-eun). Actors Lee So-yeon, Ha Yeon-joo, Oh Chang-seok, Jang Se-hyeon, Jeong Chan, Park Shin-woo and director Kim Shin-il attended the production presentation.

Jeong Chan-eun, who plays the role of YJ Group CEO Yoon I-cheol in the play, ‘Without blood and tears’ The reason for his choice was his chemistry with Ha Yeon-joo. He said, “For about ten years, the other actor was older than me, and after ten years, Ha Yeon-joo said she would play her opposite Seo Hyun-jin, so I came out. “The biggest reason (for appearing) is because there is romance,” he said.

Photo = KBS
Photo = KBS

Ha Yeon-ju, who plays the role of Bae Do-eun, the CEO of Boram Welfare Foundation and Yoon I-cheol’s wife, made people laugh by talking about the “twisted genealogy”and saying, “In the previous work, he was the father-in-law, but this time, there is romance.”

Next, regarding their chemistry, Jeong Chan said, “Ha Yeon-joo looks fierce on the outside, but she is smart,”and added, “This time, she showed a lot of growth and development as an actress, so she is a role model. When you get to my age, you start to stagnate, but Ha Yeon-joo’s acting is a good example.””I look forward to it because it gives me a lot of energy every time I see it,” he said. In response, Ha Yeon-ju said, “I really get along with Lee Cheol a lot, but I thought it would be difficult if it wasn’t senior Jeong Chan,”and talked about their good chemistry together.

Meanwhile, ‘Without Blood and Tears’ is a work that tells the tragic story of sisters who were separated due to their parents’ divorce when they were young, meeting again in a whirlpool of fate, leading to catastrophe. It first aired at 7:50 PM on the 22nd. do.


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