Is only the appearance surreal?…Song Kang sheds ‘controversy over acting ability’ [MK Star]

Song Kang. Photo l Studio S · Binge Works
Song Kang. Photo l Studio S · Binge Works

Actor Song Kang cleared away the controversy over his acting skills through ‘My Demon’. Although the viewership rating for the final episode was disappointing at 3.5% (Nielsen Korea, nationwide), it was a work that gave us a glimpse of Song Kang’s potential for development.

The SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘My Demon’ (written by Choi A-il, directed by Kim Jang-han), which ended on the 20th, is a fantasy story about a contract marriage between the devilish chaebol heiress Do Do-hee (played by Kim Yu-jung) and the devil Jeong Gu-won (played by Song Kang), who lost his powers for a moment. It’s a romantic comedy.

Song Kang played the flawless and deadly devil Jeong Gu-won in this work. It depicts the process by which he, who reigned as an apex predator for 200 years by making dangerous yet sweet transactions with human souls as collateral, meets and falls in love with Do Do-hee, a ‘human’ whom he regarded as insignificant.

Initially, when news broke that Song Kang would appear as the male lead in ‘My Demon’, netizens’ reactions were mixed. There was no disagreement that his surreal visuals were a perfect match for the character, but many people had doubts about his acting skills.

‘My Demon’. Photo lSBS homepage capture
‘My Demon’. Photo lSBS homepage capture

Song Kang, who debuted in the 2017 tvN drama ‘She Loves Lies’, emerged as a popular actor with the hit Netflix web drama ‘Love Alarm Season 1′ (2019) followed by ‘Sweet Home’ (2020).

Afterwards, he starred in a number of works including ‘Love Alarm Season 2′ (2021), ‘Navillera’ (2021), ‘I Know But’ (2021), ‘People of the Meteorological Administration’ (2022), and ‘Sweet Home 2′ (2023). He played an active role.

But did he step into the lead role too quickly? He received criticism from viewers starting with his pronunciation and vocalization, which are the basics of his acting. The ability to deliver dialogue is poor, making it difficult to follow the character’s emotions. In addition, he received harsh criticism that the characters he portrayed in each work looked too similar due to his dry facial expressions.

However, it was different in ‘My Demon’. Her pronunciation and vocalization were much better than before, and her deep gaze raised the excitement level. Also, her sweet chemistry with Kim Yoo-jung and her earnest tearful acting. As a character expressed in his own unique way, he hinted at the possibility of receiving favorable reviews for his acting skills rather than his appearance in the future.

Song Kang, who finished ‘My Demon’, is set to enlist in the military in the first half of this year. We are looking forward to the future of Song Kang, who will overcome the controversy over his acting ability and come back stronger through new experiences.

[Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today Reporter]

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