Genesis ‘Winter Tire Package’ launched

The Genesis brand (hereinafter referred to as Genesis) has launched the ‘Winter Tire Package’, a dedicated tire product for customers to drive safely in winter. The ‘Winter Tire Package’ consists of ▲4 winter tires ▲2 tire removal and installation ▲1-year storage service for existing removed tires ▲free pick-up and delivery service.


The winter tire package allows you to select all tire sizes (OE standards) installed on all Genesis models (as of September 2023 sales), so the advantage is that it can be conveniently replaced regardless of the existing tire brand.. Purchasers will be provided with a total of two removal/installation services, including one for removing existing tires and installing winter tires, and one for removing winter tires and installing existing tires. The existing tires will be stored for up to one year.

In addition, ▲Free pick-up and delivery service for a replacement vehicle for the first time, limited to a distance of up to 30km from a designated partner store ▲’Genesis Winter Relief Plus’, which provides compensation for up to 2 tires if the tires installed are damaged within 1 year of purchasing the package ‘Benefits are also provided. (However, vehicles driven within 16,000 km after installing tires)

The Genesis ‘Winter Tire Package’ can be purchased online at the Genesis Boutique website ( from the 18th to Wednesday, January 31, 2024, especially when purchased between September and October. A 10% discounted early bird price is applied to customers. You can receive a 5% discount when paying with a Genesis-only credit card, and you can also use Blue Members points. Customers who purchased the package can have tires installed at designated partner stores starting Monday, November 1. More detailed information about Genesis’ ‘Winter Tire Package’ can be found on the Genesis Boutique website.

A Genesis official said, “Through the launch of this winter tire package, we wanted to enhance the ownership experience of Genesis vehicle owners. Going forward, we plan to continue to provide services that actively reflect the lifestyles of our customers.”

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