Kumho Tire implements mentoring to strengthen future capabilities for children of car accident victims


[M Today Reporter Choi Tae-in] Kumho Tire, together with the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, implemented capacity-building mentoring to help children of families affected by car accidents build a better future.

Kumho Tire conducted this mentoring to practice social contribution activities linked to its business. The training was conducted from September to December 2023 with the goal of improving emotional stability and motivation to learn by providing mentoring to the 46 mentees who participated in the training.

Participating students could choose from three mentoring topics: SW coding, career paths, and advancement. All participants experienced one-on-one online mentoring to help students find emotional stability.

Students who chose SW coding practiced using the SW coding robot experience tool and had four video mentoring sessions with a professional instructor. The career program produced career worksheets and career portfolios and provided four sessions of mentoring with related experts.

For academic advancement mentoring, a career development test was administered before and after four mentoring sessions by an academic advancement expert, and a result report was provided to the student.

Among students who participated in the mentoring program, 100% of respondents responded that they were “satisfied” in a survey asking about their level of response to the program. Participants commented that ‘the program, including the use of SW coding tools, was helpful to the mentees’ practical learning experience’ and that they ‘had the opportunity to explore and think about themselves in order to decide on their career path and further education. “I was able to do it,” he said.

Kang Jin-gu, head of the management support team, said, “Kumho Tire is always thinking about carrying out contribution activities linked to its business characteristics so that it can create synergy in the program while contributing to society.” “We plan to actively collaborate with our business partners and strive to become an exemplary company that can find and embrace marginalized parts of society,” he said.


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