‘Solo debut’ WJSN Seol-ah, girl crush itself

Photo = Provided by Starship Entertainment
Photo = Provided by Starship Entertainment

[News Reporter Hwang Hye-jin]

Seola (SEOLA), a member of the group WJSN, wore a girl crush charm.

Starship Entertainment, WJSN’s agency, announced Seol-ah’s first single ‘INSIDE OUT’ through its official channel on January 21st. Title song ‘Without U’ The music video teaser video was released.

In the video, Seol-ah appeared sitting in front of a cake in the middle of the street. She transformed into a gorgeous visual wearing long boots and a fur jacket. Seol-ah soon rode away on a motorcycle, and afterwards, she enjoyed the freedom by running on the ground.

Seol-Ah rode a motorcycle with a mysterious woman, giving the impression of showing another ‘me’. In addition, it shows three Seol-ahs together in one space and is a ‘solo artist’ with various charms. It made me look forward to seeing Seol-ah.

Even in the short video, Seol-Ah left a deep impression by showing a variety of transformations, from a charismatic appearance to a natural, unadorned appearance.

The title song ‘Without You’ is a band pop-style song that blends well with the emotional acoustic sound and Seol-ah’s strong vocals, and depicts the promise to escape from pain and be born anew.

‘Inside Out’ is an album that deeply embodies Seol-ah’s unique emotions. Seol-ah talks about her perspective on emotions. It will be released on various music sites at 6 PM on the 23rd.

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