‘2 Days & 1 Night’ Erased Na In-woo, ‘What do you do when you play’ Erased Lee Yi-kyung [Oh! Strong Letter]


[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] Na In-woo and Lee Yi-kyung added their strength to the good example left by actors Lee Kwang-soo and Jeon So-min. He is in the spotlight both as an actor and an entertainer, clearly establishing that acting is separate from his image in regular entertainment shows. This is why it is enough to call them ‘all-rounders’.

It has been a long time since actors said that when they appear on entertainment shows, their images are broken or changed, thus hindering immersion. Some actors are concerned about their image being cemented by appearing on entertainment shows. There may be pressure to be funny when appearing on entertainment shows, but there is also great concern that the image shown on entertainment shows may harden. When an image is solidified through entertainment, there are bound to be limits to casting.

It’s not that I can’t sympathize with the actors’ concerns about this. Shin Ye-eun revealed that she received a ‘dancing ban’ from the company after appearing on an entertainment show, and was also plagued by rumors that she would be banned from appearing on entertainment shows. Actress Ko Sung-hee also revealed that her agency had banned her from appearing on entertainment shows for five years.


However, Lee Kwang-soo and Jeon So-min are the ones who showed that they can do both entertainment and acting well. Lee Kwang-soo was active in ‘Running Man’ for 11 years, from July 2010 to June 2021. Lee Kwang-soo, who was called a liar, a traitor, a giraffe, etc., did not take a break from acting during this period. ‘Goddess of Fire Jeongi’, ‘The Sound of the Heart’, ‘Entourage’, ‘Live’, and ‘Murderer’s Shopping List’ are works that Lee Kwang-soo appeared in when he appeared on ‘Running Man’. Lee Kwang-soo is good at both acting and entertainment. He was reborn as an ‘all-rounder’.

Jeon So-min was a prominent actress before joining ‘Running Man’ as a regular member in 2017. After appearing in ‘Running Man’, Jeon So-min, who except for one-act dramas and special appearances, only appeared in ‘Top Star Yoo Baek’ and the movie ‘My Name’, showed her passion for acting, and showed off her passion for acting, such as ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ and ‘Cleaning’. He showed off his acting skills by appearing in ‘Up’. Jeon So-min also rose to the rank of ‘all-rounder’ by playing her role well in both acting and entertainment.

In addition, Na In-woo and Lee Yi-kyung were also added to the ranks of ‘all-rounders’ that Lee Kwang-soo and Jeon So-min joined. Na In-woo and Lee Yi-kyung are regular appearances in ‘2 Days & 1 Night Season 4′ and ‘What Do You Do When You Hang Out?’ respectively, but they are steadily building up their filmography through acting activities that are different from their image in entertainment shows.


First, Na In-woo has been active in ‘2 Days & 1 Night Season 4′, which is called the national entertainment show, since February 2022. Na In-woo is showing an odd side to the extent that the members’ evaluation is ‘Handsome Kim Jong-min.’ If you compare Kim Byeong-in from ‘Queen of Iron Man’, Ondal from ‘River Where the Moon Rises’, Dooyoung Lee from ‘Cleaning Up’, Soo-gwang Gong from ‘Jinx’s Lover’, Jin-seong Oh from ‘I’ve Been Waiting for You for a Long Time’ and In-woo Na from ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, there is a gap difference. is certain.

However, it is difficult to find an assessment that Na In-woo’s ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ image hindered immersion. In particular, Na In-woo played the role of Yoo Ji-hyuk in ‘Marry My Husband’ and perfectly played the role of a helper to Park Min-young (played by Kang Ji-won). From the visuals to the acting that goes back and forth between seriousness and excitement, it is receiving rave reviews.


The same goes for Lee Yi-kyung. Lee Yi-kyung has a cheerful image by appearing regularly in ‘Lotto King’, ‘The Picture Thieves’, ‘I’m Solo’, ‘Midnight Ghost Story’, ‘Brave Detectives’, ‘No Entry for Unrelated Persons’, and ‘That Oppa of the Tteokbokki Restaurant’. and built a familiar image by being called ‘Gangster-gyeong’ and ‘Two-tu-gyeong’ in ‘What Do You Do When You Hang Out’. Based on this image, she increased her immersion by playing characters with similar feelings in ‘Confession Couple’, ‘Eurachacha Waikiki’, ‘Hotel del Luna’, and ‘Undercover Inspector: Joseon Secret Investigation Team’. She also proves through ‘Marry My Husband’ that her cheerful image does not get in the way of her acting. In ‘Marry My Husband’, Lee Yi-gyeong plays the role of Park Min-hwan, her trash husband, causing anger and going to the extreme of being considered a ‘national trash’.

Lee Kwang-soo, Jeon So-min, Na In-woo, and Lee Yi-kyung seem to be the answer to those who are worried about whether their image will be solidified by appearing on entertainment shows. Yoo Jae-seok also cited Jeon So-min as an example to Lee Mi-joo, who was worried about being a singer and a variety show, and said, “What makes me feel very happy these days is that (Jeon) So-min is active in a lot of entertainment shows, and her drama is also doing really well, so I feel good. Somin proved it. I can do entertainment, I can sing, I can do everything. “I hope she does a lot of great work in her field while doing entertainment,” he said.

Na In-woo and Lee Yi-kyung have expanded the path of ‘all-rounder’ opened by Lee Kwang-soo and Jeon So-min. In the future, attention will be paid to who will entertain viewers as an all-rounder. /elnino8919@osen.co.kr

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