Actor Nat Wolff said, “My girlfriend hit me with her car after a fight.” Shocking confession [Hollywood News]


[TV Report = Reporter So-yeon Yoo] American actor and singer Nat Wolff is attracting attention by sharing an anecdote about being hit by a car by his ex-lover.

On the 18th (local time), while talking about her ex-girlfriend on the ‘Drew Barrymore Show’, Nat Wolfe told an anecdote about running into her ex-girlfriend on the street. “My ex-girlfriend, with whom I had a serious falling out, hit me with her car,” Nat Wolfe said, adding, “It was completely accidental.”

Nat Wolfe emphasized that it was truly a coincidence and said, “I was walking without thinking that day when I got hit,” and “I was really fine.” The two people apologized to each other, had a good conversation, and ended on a warm note, saying they are now friends.

Nat Wolff was involved in an accidental accident, but appears to have suffered no major injuries.

According to local media outlet ‘Entertainment Weekly’, Nat Wolff appears to be on good terms with several of his ex-lovers, as he revealed that he even attended the other ex-lover’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Nat Wolff debuted as a singer in 2003 and as an actor in the 2005 drama ‘Naked Brothers Band’. Nat Wolff’s younger brother is actor Alex Wolff, who appeared with him in ‘Naked Brothers Band’. Nat Wolfe gave Korean fans a glimpse of the movie ‘The Intern’, ‘Justin’, ‘Eric’ from ‘Mortal: Legends of Thor’. His face became known.

Recently, Nat Wolfe played the role of photographer Will in the romantic comedy film That From Me To You, opposite actress Lucy, who played freelance reporter Jane. He is expected to show fantastic chemistry with Hale. ‘That From Me To You’ will be released in local theaters on the 19th.

Reporter Yoo So-yeon / Photo = Movie ‘Mortal: Legend of Thor’

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