Aespa, Seo Taiji’s ‘Regret of the Times’ remake… Released on the 15th [Official]



Aespa, Seo Taiji’s ‘Regret of the Times’ remake… Released on the 15th [Official]

SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SM) presents Seo Taiji’s ‘Time Regret (時代遺憾)’ in an aespa version through the ‘Remastering Project’.

Aespa’s 2024 version of ‘Time Regret’ presented by SM ‘STATION’ will be released on the 15th at 6 PM on Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie, QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo. The sound source will be released on various music sites such as Music. The music video will also be released simultaneously through YouTube’s SMTOWN channel.

‘Regret of the Times’ is Seo Taiji and Boys’ legendary alternative rock song with a direct and strong message. Espa’s version adds Espa’s unique personality to the original song’s energetic band sound, gives a twist to the composition, and creates a unique color with powerful vocals that give pleasure.

The remastered version of Seo Taiji’s ‘Time Regret’ will also be released at 6pm on the 12th as part of the ‘SM Remastering Project’ launched by SM and YouTube together in 2021. The newly produced lyric video can be viewed through Seo Taiji’s official YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, the ‘SM Remastering Project’ is a project jointly planned by SM and YouTube to reexamine K-pop history and contribute to the growth of the Korean music industry. It upgrades more than 300 music videos and sound sources to a state suitable for digital platforms. It is being released sequentially.

Jeong Hee-yeon, reporter

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