Ahn Seon-young “Marital happiness index 50%…divorce crisis last year, they could split at any time”


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Na-yeon] Ahn Sun-young honestly opened up about her married life.

11th ‘This is Ahn Seon-young’ A video titled “Married life ♥ Revealing marital relationship tips / Don’t miss a man like this~ (feat. Gam-Gak Kwon)” was uploaded to the channel.

On this day, Ahn Seon-young and Kwon Gam-gak talked about the topic of “Marriage Life White Paper”. Meanwhile, when asked, “If the happiness index ranges from 0 to 100, what is the percentage?” Kwon Gamgak immediately answered “100%,” but Ahn Seonyoung said, “I’m 50%.” “Isn’t it surprising?” he said, drawing attention.

Gam-Gak Kwon asked, “Isn’t it because he’s a bundle of desires?” and Sun-Young Ahn said, “As Seobaro’s foster parents, we get 100 points. We work well together. Things have changed a lot since I was on the verge of divorce last year. My mother-in-law’s son has changed. “It must not have been easy to change the way you say 99 things and forget them all at once,” she began.

He continued, “I’m the type of person who posts my child’s face (on my social account) but doesn’t post my husband’s because it depends on my self-esteem and where I need to be a leader. “I hope my wife can work hard to earn money when I get married.””This is too stressful for this person,” he explained. Gam-Gak Kwon said, “Your brother-in-law is a manly man,” and Seon-yeong Ahn responded, “He’s just a man.”

He said, “‘It would be nice, wife, go out and earn money hard’ This is not a slight disparagement, but other people only say one word, but if you listen to about 48 words a day, you don’t even know you are annoyed. “Manager Kim was so mean to me.” You can say you’re “pissed off,”but isn’t there a case where he yells at me in front of people and decides to press the button, or when a couple fights and leaves first while eating at a restaurant? Because he wanted to show that he was stronger. The best point when dating is the point where I want to divorce the most when I get married. The two are so similar and clash so much. We discuss things with each other nervously because we could split up at any time. “So it’s 50%,” he explained.


In particular, Seonyoung Ahn said, “Last year (2022), as a birthday present, he gave me independent childcare and went on a ski tour with 8 men without consulting me. I didn’t even go there at all, but as soon as I got back, I was exposed to cold air for too long and my eyelids started to drop, like facial paralysis. I immediately restored it to its original state within two weeks. After that, I guess I felt really sorry too. When I get annoyed, he says something, but these days he says, “I’m sorry.””It happens like this,” he said, attracting attention.

He continued, “Isn’t it true that the person who went through that incident and had blind faith in their own health was very scared when their health started to deteriorate? Even if you have a lot of people around you and a lot of friends, when your face gets really ugly or you’re having a hard time, I’m the only one who helps you. And then I felt like I had an epiphany. I was good at this kind of thing before, but I was tired after filming all night, so I thought I would collapse and sleep. Even as her mother sleeps, she can hear her child calling for her mother. When the child wakes up and says, “Mommy,” say, “Come here.” Then he quietly came in, closed the blackout curtains, and fed the child.”

He said, “If you quietly wake up and look, the house is obviously a mess. Because dad prepared dinner. Even without looking at it, I can see how the picture of the auditory hallucination I heard in my sleep would have unfolded. At that moment, I felt like I was living happily. I didn’t know how to do anything, but after giving birth to my child, I peeled apples with a potato peeler, and there were apple peels and a peeler next to the sink. As I see things like that, I am gradually evolving into a better human being. Both him and me. Because we both had children. “At times like that, I think it was a good thing I got married,” he confessed.


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