‘Argyle’ Twist, another twist… A more glamorous spy action movie [Cinema Preview]

'Argyle' still cut
‘Argyle’ still cut

(Seoul=News1) Reporter Seung-ah Go = *There may be spoilers including key scenes of the movie.

‘Kingsman’ Director Matthew Vaughn, who received great love in Korea for his series, is coming to audiences with a new spy story. The main character is the new work ‘Argyle’, which is full of twists and turns with the director’s unique stylish directing and B-grade emotions.

‘Argyle’, which was recently released through a press preview, follows writer Ellie Conway (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), who becomes a target of spies around the world when her spy novel becomes reality, and tries to escape the crisis by writing the novel’s next chapter. It is an action blockbuster movie about writing a chapter and visiting legendary agent Argyle (played by Henry Cavill) in real life. ‘Kingsman’ This is director Matthew Vaughn’s new film in the series.

The movie begins with best-selling author Ellie’s enormous success with her book Argyle, which embodies a realistic world of spies. She is bombarded with questions from readers and Ellie, who has successfully published up to five volumes, heads home to her mother when she is unable to write the final volume of her novel. However, Aiden (Sam Rockwell), a real-life spy with a bushy beard and long hair, suddenly appears in front of Ellie on her train, and instantly saves Ellie by defeating the enemies who are trying to pose a threat to her.

Aiden says that Ellie’s novel has become reality, which makes Ellie a target for spies, and that he should be trusted. Ellie is so scared that she can’t even get on a plane. She counters that she only wrote it after doing her own research, but she eventually agrees to what Aiden said and wrote the next story of the novel. To do this, she heads directly to London. As Ellie writes her next chapter based on her own imagination in her park, Aiden follows Ellie’s lead and together they set out to find the legendary spy pursued by her enemies.

‘Kingsman’ Director Matthew Vaughn, who returned with a new agent story after the series, told the familiar story of spies in a way that goes back and forth between fiction and reality. Starting from the interesting story that a spy novel called ‘Argyle’ in the movie has become a reality, agents Argyle and Aiden appear intersectingly, and the story is structured so that it is impossible to predict whether the agent is a good or a villain, adding to the confusion in the audience.. Like a mystery novel, the film unfolds in an unpredictable direction, increasing immersion through the story’s twists and turns.

The action scenes, with their gorgeous visuals and stylish directing, definitely stand out. In particular, the action scene shown by Henry Cavill and Sam Rockwell on the train at the beginning of the movie added speed and rhythm to create an impressive action sequence. In the second half of the movie, a variety of action scenes with unique and gorgeous visuals, combined with director Matthew Vaughn’s unique B-grade emotion, also attract attention. However, as the scale of the action becomes larger, the somewhat excessive directing adds to the disappointment.

Luxurious actors such as Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Dua Lipa, John Cena, and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as director Matthew Vaughn’s wife, ‘Argyle’ The sight of producer and model Claudia Schiffer’s pet cat giving a passionate performance as Alfie in the play adds to the enjoyment of watching. The film’s comedy is created by the chemistry between Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell. The two’s tiki-taka adds laughter to the serious spy action and adds fun to ‘Argyle’.

As ‘Argyle’ continues to bring twists and turns, it is a more attractive film to watch without looking at spoilers. In addition, a cookie video was included that will be even more enjoyable to fans of director Matthew Vaughn’s films. It will be released domestically on February 7th. Running time 139 minutes.


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