Gong Myung “After being discharged from the military, I became a man… “I got hit with a smirk.” Recognition of change [Ex’s interview]


(Xports News Reporter Oh Seung-hyun) Actor Gong Myung talked about the changes after being discharged from the military.

Gong Myung told various stories through an interview with the movie ‘Citizen Deok-hee’ (director Park Young-joo) held at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 22nd.

‘Citizen Deok-hee’ is a thrilling chase drama that unfolds when Deok-hee (played by Ra Mi-ran), an ordinary citizen who has been subjected to voice phishing, receives a rescue request from Jae-min (played by Gong Myung), a member of a fraudulent organization. It is a movie based on a true story. He played the role of Jae-min, an ordinary college student who thought it was a high-paying part-time job, but unintentionally became involved in a voice phishing organization.

As soon as Gong Myung is discharged from military service, he meets the audience for the first time as ‘Citizen Deok-hee’

In a review of meeting Gong Myung, who returned from military service, Ra Mi-ran said, “After returning from military service, he became an uncle.” He once said, “I used to be like a baby, but I miss it.”


Gong Myung, who heard this, joked, “Senior Ra Mi-ran told me that he turned into a dog after I came back,” and then added, “I met my seniors before enlisting, and we met again recently. Even when I look at it, it seems like I’ve changed into a slyer. Now, there were points where I said, ‘Yes~’. He acknowledged the change, saying, “I think what you feel is right.”

Gong Myung continued, “I’m in my 30s, but I’m not sure. It seems like there are changes that the military brings. No matter how well you manage your military service, there are things that change when you return from military service, and there are also things that get sneered at. “It may be because of my age, but isn’t the military’s influence greater?” he added.

Did he have any anxiety while serving in the military? Gong Myung responded, “I’m not conceited. However, he said, “I have never lost my self-esteem and confidence in such matters,”and said, “I try not to think like that, and even if that happens, I try not to let it lower my self-esteem.”

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