‘Drug collection’ Nam Tae-hyun, after consultation at the hospital, said, “Why am I living like this?” Hyeonta [Comprehensive]


(Reporter Lee Seul, Xports News) Nam Tae-hyun, who was sentenced to probation on drug use charges, reported the current status of his treatment.

On the 21st, a video titled ‘Eating, eating, eating, and getting picked on’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Channel Nam Taehyun Ch_NTH’. While posting the new video, Nam Tae-hyun added, “I am immature in life.”


In the video released on this day, Nam Tae-hyun took a bus and headed to the hospital. Nam Tae-hyun said, “Go and get counseling from the director.” He has been attending for about 7 months. He also does urine tests and things like that. It is important. He said, “You have to live hard.”

Nam Tae-hyun, who soon got off the bus, said, “I got on the wrong bus.” He should have been riding number 38, but he was riding number 45 and I don’t know where this is. I think he should take a taxi. “He should have taken a taxi in the first place,” he explained.

Nam Tae-hyun arrived at the hospital after many twists and turns and received counseling first. After the consultation, Nam Tae-hyun expressed his feelings through the subtitle, ‘My problem is, why do I live like this?’

“I went to the hospital and received counseling for the first time in a long time. He started eating by saying, “I brought you a hamburger that I really like.” Nam Tae-hyun said, “If you eat delicious food, that’s it”, and “The pleasure of eating is too short.”He expressed his satisfaction with subtitles such as:


Afterwards, Nam Tae-hyun went to fix his guitar, saying, “My guitars are all worn out after not being used for a long time.” Nam Tae-hyun, who said, “He gave me a 50,000 won discount because I was a hungry musician,” enjoyed his time drinking coffee with the owner of a guitar shop.

Nam Tae-hyun lived a normal daily life, meeting friends. At the end of the day, Nam Tae-hyun said, “I had a good meal today, saw my friends, and received kisses. It was a fun day.””Now I’m going to sleep,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nam Tae-hyun was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation on the 18th for taking Philopon with Seo Min-jae and was ordered to undergo probation and take 40 hours of drug addiction treatment classes. At the time, Nam Tae-hyun expressed his reflection, saying, “I am sorry for causing trouble to society,”and “I will live my life focusing on resolving my problems and continuing to be single.”

Photo = YouTube broadcast screen

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